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rest remains

sleep remains


17 November 2012
Shire on the Hudson

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Sleep’s refuge

Like a clutter of spiders,
the cold crept over him,
probing old wounds,
prodding old pains.

He stirred; but half-awake
he searched the bed.
Touching nothing,
finding no one,
he remembered, shivered,
pulled the cover tighter,
and sought again
sleep’s refuge.

18 September 2012
Shire on the Hudson

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She appears

Dreamed or imagined
she appears
as again he lies alone
in that borderland
between sleep and waking.

Night’s cold embrace
gently enfolds him
as still he lies alone and
she appears
dreamed or imagined.

26 May 2012
Shire on the Hudson 



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Aircraft movement

Still sat the plane
at the gate,
wheels chocked,
jet bridge attached,
going nowhere.

I gazed at the
screen in the seat in front of me,
where complimentary Direct TV service
would play,
entertaining me with visual delights.

But “due to aircraft movement”
by the chocked-wheels,
aircraft going nowhere
the service was not available.

And I wondered at the cause:
had a crew member set a wrong switch?
Did sensors somewhere think the plane was moving?
The more I wondered, the less, I wanted to know.
I fell asleep.

3 October 2011
CO 1575

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Cold night in Wooster town

The damp cold seeps
into his bones,
makes muscles ache,
and sinews moan,
Stirred by the pain,
but half awake,
he reaches out
across the grate,
hunting warmth and
seeking comfort.
Finding no one,
he sighs deeply,
shivers once, twice,
then tightly curls
into a ball,
pulls closer the
tattered blanket,
and tries to find
sleep yet once more.

1 October 2011
Wooster, Ohio

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Storm sentinel

During the recent visit of Hurricane Irene
to New York and 
the Shire on the Hudson,
one of the possible outcomes was 
the loss of power.
Contemplating this possibility,
it seemed a good thing to have
one light that would be left in the on position
should the power go off
so that it would come on
providing a reminder that the power had been restored.
This night light was what chosen.
When I fell asleep it was lit;
when I awoke it was lit.
Faithful sentinel of the storm.
2 September 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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Late afternoon nap

The aches of the day
into the mattress seep;
upon my body
sleep does silently creep.

23 July 2011
New York, NY

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On that cusp between sleep and waking
I hang suspended and wonder
what is real
what is remembered
what is dream

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The things that keep me up nights

This picture is from Geneva.
Ever since I took it I have been wondering, losing sleep to wonder:
Who changes the red handkerchief when it gets dirty?



See you along the Trail.

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