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Swamp oaks

Bare now,
soon to be leafed,
the four hundred
raise their branches
to remember
horror and hope
fear and courage
destruction and grace
and, in a place of death,
to proclaim love and life.

30 March 2021
Louisville, Kentucky

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12 Dec #Rough #AdventWord 2018

12 Dec #Rough

Taken at Valley Presbyterian Church, Portola Valley, CA. Note the purple flowers.

The Advent devotional project, #AdventWord  is offered by the Society of St John the Evangelist. Each day a word is provided and participants are invited to share images and/or reflections and to use hashtags so our reflections may be included in an Advent Calendar with others from around the world.


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Purple flowers, Morningside Gardens 4

photo 1 (1)

Purple flowers
form the outer ring
of guards.

26 April 2014
Morningside Gardens
Manhattan, New York

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Purple flowers, Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church 1

Purple Flowers 4th Avenue Presbyterian Church Brookly 16 June 2012


Trees grow in Brooklyn.
So do purple flowers –
at least in the garden outside
Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Brooklyn, New York
15 June 2012

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Lent 34: Rise

M18 Rise 22 January 2009 General Butler State Park, KY

General Butler State Park, Kentucky
22 January 2009

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Perspective matters.

The Pool
Central Park
New York
23 November 2012

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Why I like New York 18: the wonder of Central Park

Central Park has hooked me. Wonders fill the park. Each visit brings new sights. New experiences.

Even when one becomes lost, delight often lies just around the next corner.

See you along the Trail.

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D is for Diversity

It comes in many forms at Ghost Ranch:





sometimes even the trees

and the moon

reflect the diversity

God creates.

26 October 2009

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