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Baseball, Brooklyn style

The Dodgers have long since left Brooklyn, although my friend Jose insists they will return. That may happen someday.

photo (46) (800x421)But baseball  – part of our past in so many ways – remains part of our present in Brooklyn. A couple of strong throws and good relays away from Coney Island’s famed Cyclone, the Brooklyn Cyclones play. Affiliated with the New York Mets, the Cyclones play in the Class A Short-Season New York-Penn League. Interestingly enough, teams come from seven states, not just New York and Pennsylvania.

The Cyclones were league co-champions in their first season, 2001. They have not achieved such success since.

The team puts on a show: four mascots (as opposed to two umpires), cheerleaders, hot dog races, and more entertain fans between and during innings. Promotional giveaways happen often. I got a hat and a drawstring bag tonight. MCU Park puts fans right on the edge of the action. It also provides views of Coney Island rides, the beach, and the ocean. An awesome atmosphere.

And they play baseball.

Tonight, at the invitation of one of my summer interns, Marissa, and her father Bill, I joined members of Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church and Bay Ridge United Church and watched the Cyclones beat the Vermont Lake Monsters 6-4.

Each team manufactured their runs from base-hits (and a couple doubles) and aggressive base running. Two spectacular catches took place in the outfield with a Cyclone player running into the wall and holding the ball. Errors and walks also played a role. The Lake Monster outfielders threw out two Cyclones at the plate. A Cyclone outfielder, trying for a play at third, threw the ball into the stands.

Vermont opened the scoring. The Cyclones came back and took the lead. I the eight, Vermont scored three times and went ahead. The Cyclones answered with three runs and retook the lead. They then held on defense to win the game.

They play baseball. And that is very, very good.

See you along the Trail.

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Purple flowers, Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church 2

15 June 2012 Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church (2)

Delicate purple needles
weave beauty.

Brooklyn, New York
15 June 2012

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Purple flowers, Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church 1

Purple Flowers 4th Avenue Presbyterian Church Brookly 16 June 2012


Trees grow in Brooklyn.
So do purple flowers –
at least in the garden outside
Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Brooklyn, New York
15 June 2012

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Why I like New York 7 – Danny Boy

“… every time I hear that melody, something breaks inside …”
Tom Waits

Some songs work like that. For reasons known and unknown, they touch us in ways expected and unexpected.

In New York, one never knows when one will hear such songs.

Music fills the city.

Music of all types.

Music made by amazing musicians – professional and amateur alike.

Surrounded by the music, one hears the songs that break us – touch us – stir us – move us – remake us.

Today, while waiting at the Times Square station for the R Train on my visit to Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn,  I heard a solo trombonist.

I made my way to the sound of the song as it ended. The echoes of the tune ended and he began a new song – a melody that fits Tom Waits’ lyrics for me: Danny Boy.

Thankfully the train did not arrive until he finished. The glow remains with me.

See you along the Trail.

p.s. ‘bones are on a roll as the instruments around me lately.

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