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A moment comes

A moment comes
in the journey of every hobbit,
perhaps as the hobbit goes there
or maybe on the way back again
when the journey reaches a critical moment
and the hobbit encounters a choice
of where to go
or how to proceed
or both.

Often in such moments,
something or someone
external factors,
a council,
a fellowship,
a friend,
a wizard
shows the way,
points the direction if,


if the hobbit has wisdom and grace
courage and strength
faith and hope
to listen
to hear
and to choose.

12 October 2015
Manhattan, New York


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What we need to know

Truth breaks in,
when friends say
what we already know,
what we do not want to know,
what we need to know.
In such moments,
may there be grace to hear,
wisdom to understand,
courage to change, and
strength to grow.

15 October 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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