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11 Dec #Grow #AdventWord 2018

11 Dec #Grow

It’s the house where it happened; the home where they grew.
Sean was two when we moved in;
it is the only place Eric lived until he went to college.
This was taken on the day we scattered.
We still own the home atlthough none of us live there any more..
Tricia is in Louisville.
Sean and I are in diferent parts of Manhattan.
Eric and Essie are in Ann Arbor.


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What we need to know

Truth breaks in,
when friends say
what we already know,
what we do not want to know,
what we need to know.
In such moments,
may there be grace to hear,
wisdom to understand,
courage to change, and
strength to grow.

15 October 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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