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29 August 2021

Walking. Germantown.
Stretching. Gym in the apartment.
Walking to New Orleans – Fats Domino
Shelter in the Rain – Irma Thomas
Cry for New Orleans – Various Artists
All Hands Together – Mika Nakashima
All These People – Harry Connick, Jr.
The River in Reverse – Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint
Where Were You? – Jackson Browne
Hell No, We Aint Alright – Public Enemy
City that Care Forgot – Dr. John
Wading Through – Terence Blanchard
Shelter in the Rain – Stevie Wonder
In New Orleans – Lead Belly
Going Back to New Orleans – Deacon John
I Hope – The Chicks
Ponchartrain – Vienna Teng
The Saints Are Coming – U2 & Green Day
Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? – Louis Armstrong


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Purple flowers, guest collection #107


31 March 2020
New Orleans, Louisiana
photo by the Rev. Kim Rodrigue

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Purple, not flowers, mural

Mural by Brandan “Bmike” Odoms
Little Gem Saloon
445 S. Rampart St.
New Orleans, LA
photo by Janie Lynn Brown

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Lent 43: Help

Adam and Sean moving board

New Orleans, Louisiana
28 December 2009

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Lent 39: Restore

M23 Restore New Orleans 28 December 2009

New Orleans, Louisiana
28 December 2009

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Lent 24: Find



New Orleans, Louisiana
30 December 2009

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Lent 9: love


New Orleans, Louisiana
28 December 2009

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Reminded of New Orleans

I watched a movie tonight. Well watched might be too strong a word.

I had a movie playing while I worked on the computer. It was diverting enough although not so engaging that it distracted my attention.

My movie watching goes through phases. An actor, an actress, a director. Something or usually someone catches my fancy, who knows why, and I place a number of that person’s films in the good old Netflix queue.

At the moment it is Errol Flynn. Obtaining one of his pirate films brought the opportunity to order a disk with two movies. Thus I watched Buccaneer’s Girl tonight. Well watched might be too strong a word, although we have been there before.

The plot of the film failed to catch my attention, but I did notice the setting: New Orleans. Of course there were very few scenes, if any,  that actually showed the city. Most were interior shots and scenes set on a boat aboard the bounding main. I did have the feeling that I had seen some of the players other movies, although I could not confirm that quickly on IMDB. But they said the name New Orleans frequently enough to piqué my interest, for that reminded me of the last time I visited the city.

At Christmas, 2009, we went to the Crescent City with Tricia’s family. It was a wonderful vacation. We did some rebuilding, ate way too well and way too much, watched a football game on Bourbon Street, saw the lights at New Orleans City Park, checked out Jan Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve and the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. We ate multiple beignets and drank much coffee and hot chocolate on several trips to Cafe du Monde.

More than that, it was a wonderful, wonderful time with family. The memories comfort me still.

See you along the Trail.

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Super Bowl Sunday 2010

The Saints just scored on a pick-six from Manning. It has been difficult to get into a game when the Steelers are not playing. But we had a really good time in New Orleans at Christmas, so I guess they would be my choice to win.

A friend has loaned me a netbook to try. Thinking that I might take it to Chicago, I have been playing with it. However, there is enough going on in the world that I need to be sure to have email access, so I am taking the laptop with the air card.

I also watched the Penguins play today – a Pittsburgh team playing on Super Bowl Sunday seems only fitting. But they lost. They started well, but Washington just outplayed them in the end. Such is life.

I was in New Orleans a couple of years back when the Saints won their first playoff game ever. I spent some time on Bourbon Street in the aftermath. It was great fun. Tonight should be even better!

Dances with Wolves is now on AMC. It is the 25th anniversary. Time has its way.

But time is flying in other ways and 5:00 comes early in the blessed AM. Off to Chicago tomorrow – as implied earlier.

Almost forgot – Bilbo and the dwarves are under siege in the mountain.

See you along the Trail.

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Today is another day

The movie in the Cardio Theater today was Silverado. I came in at the very end. They then restarted it. I realized that I had never seen the beginning of the movie. Fascinating. Apparently I had only seen bits and pieces from the middle and end of the movie. I did not see it in the theater and I had never rented it. Must have caught it on the tube. Seeing it from the beginning a whole lot of things that I remembered made a whole lot more sense.

I did the walking at the gym. Made 10553 steps. But this evening I ate too many pistachios and a couple of protein bars. At least if I had to overeat it was with reasonably healthy food – better than Doritos or Twinkies.

Tomorrow will be another day – or I guess today will since this is after midnight.

Checked out the football this weekend – even though the Steelers are no longer playing. I guess I will become a Saints fan at this point. Why? Tricia organized a trip to New Orleans for her family at Christmas. It was a great time. Sean and cousin Adam did some heavy-duty bonding during the Saints overtime loss to Tampa Bay. I watched it while listening to the Steelers beat the Ravens.It’s not a permanent thing – but at least during the playoffs.

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