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And so it begins again

I get a one out of three today. I ate well. No focused walking and only 4024 steps. But not eating is a start.

Went to see Robin Hood with Eric and Sparky. Good flick. Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett good as always. An interesting spin on the story. And a set up for a sequel.

Off to bed to get some sleep before an 8:00 am meeting.

See you on the trail.

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Success – at least for a day

I made it! Or at least I will shortly.

A day of eating well, some focused walking, and 10,045 steps!

Defenses are weakening and I am going to head up to bed and read – that should be better than eating.

And I did it on a day when the Penguins lost! Watching the Kevin Costner Robin Hood on Netflix. It appears to be a director’s cut or an extended version – definitely noticing some differences.

Now if I can start stringing a few days together . . .

See you along the Trail.

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