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Fellowship of the Shire

Originally posted about a year ago,
it seems appropriate to repost this one
in the aftermath of the sale of the Shire.

No rings, no wizards,
no reforged broken swords,
not even a walk to Mordor,
where of course no one simply walks,
but a fellowship nonetheless graced
the halls of the Shire.
Rooted in minimalist hospitality,
this fellowship of family and friends
knitted together over food and games,
movies and song,
conversation and camaraderie,
Jameson and other libations;
never present all at the same time,
always present in spirit,
the fellowship of the Shire
blesses me daily,
graces my living
and travels with me
wherever the ongoing road might lead.

In the hope that the Fellowship of the Shire has meant
and means as much to the other members
as it has and does to me.
The Shire, Louisville
19 April 2012


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