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Purple pandas, Louisville Zoo

Purple Panda

Not flowers,
not real,
but purple, and cute,
just the same.

14 September 2014
Louisville, KY

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Purple flowers, Dublin zoo

Dublin Zoo, April 29, 2012

After the wedding, we visited the Dublin Zoo.
It was cold.
It was cloudy.
We did not stay all day.

But we had a good time.

And there were purple flowers,
including these with their
little yellow helmets.

29 April 2012
Dublin Zoo

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Purple flowers, Pueblo Zoo



From Greeley, we made our way south to
Ghost Ranch.
We stopped to view the Pueblo Zoo.
Among the fauna and the flora
purple flowers greeted us.

Then the rain greeted us.
We spent some time in a shelter with
some wonderful folks and
more than enough obnoxious mosquitoes.

11 July 2011
Pueblo Zoo
Pueblo, CO

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Purple flowers, Riverside Discovery Center, Scottsbluff

Riverside Discovery Center and Zoo
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
6 September 2010

The 2010 Great Plains Tour made its way through Nebraska.
There we paused to visit the small zoo in Scottsbluff.

Never did figure out why the town is called Scottsbluff
and the National Monument is called Scotts Bluff.

Of course I never tried.

See you along the Trail.

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Double rainbow

It is unclear why this has remained unposted for more than a year.
When it was taken, I was not in a posting groove.
At the end of 2010 summer, 
a little over a year ago,
Tricia and I visited
the Great Plains.
Our adventure began in Denver, the starting point for this year’s travels as well.
We drove north through Wyoming into Montana where we saw 
the Little Bighorn National Battlefield Monument,
cut east to Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands
turned south through Nebraska,
and ended back to Denver.
We saw a number of national parks
and visited a couple of zoos.
We also checked out some state parks and historic sites
including Fort Phil Kearney State Historic Site 
near Banner, Wyoming.
There we journeyed to the location 
of the Fetterman Fight.
While we walked the grounds where battle once ranged
a small storm developed.
It brought enough rain to create
this double rainbow.
See you along the Trail.
19 September 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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Colorado Springs – 4 July 2011

Vacation day 1.

Well technically not. Since it was July 4, it actually counted as a holiday.

The holiday was spent in Colorado Springs and included:

Sleeping in! Always a good thing whether on vacation or on holidays or on any days.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: many giraffes, lots of pine cones, naked mole rats, wallaby petting, the Mountaineer Sky Ride – just a bit scary, the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun and more. The entrance fee included a quarter to give to support efforts to protect an animal. There were six possibilities – I picked the African Penguin.

Garden of the Gods: lots of red rock, some hiking, many pictures.

A good day – sore feet, sore knees, sore back – we will see what works tomorrow when the vacation actually begins.

See you along the Trail.

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Thinking is needed

Today brought the final National Park (some day I have to figure out the different categories – National Park, National Historic Site, etc.) on this trip: Scotts Bluff National Monument.

The day started at Penny’s Diner – a restaurant near the Oak Tree Inn in Morrill, NE. It was a good place to stay and a good place to eat.

From there, we journeyed to the Riverside Zoo in Scottsbluff. And then on to the monument.

As are many of the parks, it is an interesting place with much to ponder. The bluffs served as a landmark on trails west. From the European point of view those trails were about emigration and expansion. From the point of view of the Native Americans those trails were about invasion. A great deal to sort through when one thinks about it. And a great deal of thinking is needed.

Travel continued to Denver. Tickets have been purchased for the Colorado Rockies game tomorrow. A visit to the Denver Aquarium is also in order.

11,602 steps.

See you along the Trail.

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