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Double rainbow

It is unclear why this has remained unposted for more than a year.
When it was taken, I was not in a posting groove.
At the end of 2010 summer, 
a little over a year ago,
Tricia and I visited
the Great Plains.
Our adventure began in Denver, the starting point for this year’s travels as well.
We drove north through Wyoming into Montana where we saw 
the Little Bighorn National Battlefield Monument,
cut east to Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands
turned south through Nebraska,
and ended back to Denver.
We saw a number of national parks
and visited a couple of zoos.
We also checked out some state parks and historic sites
including Fort Phil Kearney State Historic Site 
near Banner, Wyoming.
There we journeyed to the location 
of the Fetterman Fight.
While we walked the grounds where battle once ranged
a small storm developed.
It brought enough rain to create
this double rainbow.
See you along the Trail.
19 September 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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Turkeys and bison

A busy day. A good day.

Started at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. Learned about how the memorial was made – absolutely amazing story. Walked around the Presidential Trail – looked up presidential nostrils, a humbling experience.

Then went to the Crazy Horse Memorial. A quick trip to Jewel Cave National Monument followed. Without reservations, we simply checked out the exhibits and did a trail on top of the cave.

We drove the wildlife loop – complete with one-lane tunnels, beaucoup curves, turkeys, and bison! – at Custer State Park.

Then back to Keystone and a walking tour of historic Keystone.

A good day topped off with good numbers – 13,100 steps and a good blood sugar reading in the morning – and a normal reading for the second evening in a row!

See you along the trail.

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