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The Painting of the Shire – Room 1

The Shire, consistently ranked as Louisville’s finest bed, has important news for all our regular guests, our potential guests, and . . . our other guests (irregular just does not fit some how).

The Shire, grand old bastion of fine sleeping in Louisville, is receiving a makeover.

Phase One of the much-needed and long-anticipated renovation has begun!

You can count on the same sterling service (we’ve retained the cleaning dwarves and the transportation elf) but in much more pleasant surroundings.

All services provided in the past will be provided in the future.

With a massive jump-start by hobbit friend Mary Lidtke and support from son Eric, the first room has been painted. Technically it still needs to be cleaned and redecorated – but why quibble about details – it is no longer green! Some staff members wanted to continue to work today, but others are so giddy at no longer seeing green everywhere, that we are headed to Smoothie King to celebrate!!

Note that:
Rates will NOT increase.
In fact, those who extend their stay and help with the renovations may receive rebates.
Frequent Shire points remain good.

Remember, when the trail brings you Louisville way, the Shire has a bed for you.

See you along the Trail.

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