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The preparing of the closets

This should have been posted yesterday – May 29, 2010.

It was a day of multi-tasking that included:

  • taking Eric to the airport to go to New Mexico
  • a visit to Target to take advantage of a sale on Pepsi products
  • a visit to Home Depot to take advantage of a rebate on Behr paints

The multi-tasking continued as the Shire renovation progressed. The following work took place at more or less the same time:

  • painting shelves for three closets
  • preparing two closets for painting
  • washing the doors of one closet
  • making ready to move things from room to room to make ready for guests
  • changing furnace filters

The plan for today (May 30) is to paint the two closets and fill out the vouchers on Behr paints.

After the work, I finished watching Dances with Wolves. Eric and I had started it Friday evening – after Iron Man 2.

The day’s big news is that Sean did a half-marathon in Madison. I am extremely proud of him. I do need to point out that I am engaged in an X-Men marathon (Eric left his videos at the Shire). Seriously, though, Sean’s effort has inspired me to go into extensive training for the half-fifty yard walk.

But now – off to lunch and then to the painting.

See you along the Trail.

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