23 September 2019

Strength work. Gym at the Shire. With NK Body Philosophy.
Walk / slow jog. Morningside Heights.
Stretching. The Shire.
No Surrender – Bruce Springsteen
The Ghost of Tom Joad – Bruce Springsteen
Blinded by the Light – Bruce Springsteen
Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen
Further On (Up the Road) – Bruce Springsteen
Land of Hope and Dreams – Bruce Springsteen
The Dalai Lama’s Candle – Eric Bogle
Care for the Land – Eric Bogle
Safe in the Harbour – Eric Bogle
Singing the Spirit Home – Eric Bogle
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda – Eric Bogle
Now I’m Easy – Eric Bogle
Chilly Winds Don’t Blow – Nina Simone
September Song – Sara Vaughan
Equinox – John Coltrane

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Filed under Exercise, Music, New York, playlist

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