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16 September 2019

Walk/slow jog. Morningside Heights.
Srength work. Core work. Gym at the Shire. With NK Body Philosophy.
Me Gustan Los Estudiantes – Tita Parra
El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido – Inti-Illimani
Manifiesto – Victor Jara
Pisagua 1973 – Los Miserables
Victor Jara’s Hands – Calexico
Plegaria a un Labrador – Victor Jara
Aqui Me Quedo – Victor Jara
Victor Jara – Arlo Guthrie
Ten Long Years – B.B. King
Woke up This Morning – B.B. King
Troubles, Troubles, Troubles – B.B. King
Agua Que Va Caer – Santana
Luna Grande – Los Vikingos Del Norte
Como la Flor – Selena
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps – Lila Downs
Piensa en Mi – Chavela Vargas
Palapa – Porter
Himno Nacional Mexicano


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The power of words

Words matter.

That’s the message of a recent post by my friend Grace Ji-Sun Kim. She reflects on Bill Maher’s observations about Paula Deen. As one who makes his living using words, Maher reportedly said, “It’s just a word, it’s a wrong word, she’s wrong to use it, but do we always have to make people go away?”

Grace joins a number of people, that apparently include Maher’s guest at the time of his statement, who remind us of the power of words.

As children, we grow up with the schoolyard phrase: “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words may never hurt me.” Children say this because they know, too well, that words may hurt them.


If we look back in our lives, we will realize that there were certain words that people said to us that have stuck with us for a long time.


In both cases, my agreement arises from practical, personal experience as well as observation and reflection.

Words have power. Power to degrade. Power to inspire. Power to touch and move. Power to abase and wound.

Totalitarian regimes have long recognized the power of words. When the military junta seized power Chile, they arrested, tortured, and killed Victor Jara. His crime? He used the words of his songs to support the government of Salvador Allende.

As Grace writes:

Words influence our thoughts and our ideas. Words shape how we see the world, by causing us to stress certain things and ignore other things.

Once we realize the power of words, we recognize that we can actually start to embrace one another through words.

Our words should be used for moving us and making us into meaningful people who seek to encourage and motivate others. Once we realize the importance and power of our words, we can become more careful with what we say because we know that what we say matters.

Thanks Grace for your reminder about the power of words. May I choose mine carefully, lovingly, and justly.

See you along the Trail.

P.S. In the pile of books I hope to read soon is The Grace of Sophia by Grace Ji-Sun Kim. I look forward to the read.

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Giving thanks for song

Originally written for my work blog:

I give thanks today for those who cannot keep from singing.

Song sustains us, guides us.
Song expresses our deepest fears and our most profound hopes.
Song challenges the powers and proclaims an alternative vision.
Song leads us into living that alternative.

The January Term Doctor of Ministry class meeting at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations attended chapel at the Church Center for the United Nations today. Chaplain Kathleen Stone reminded us of the power and roles of song. And I thought of:

Victor Jara
Pete Seeger
Paul Robeson
Sweet Honey in the Rock
Vedran Smailović
Tommy Sands
and musicians through the age whose names I cannot remember, whose names I do not know, will never know,
but whose songs touch and inspire and bless people,
cause tyrants to tremble,
shape and support struggles for justice.
For each, for all I give thanks.

And it seems to me that since I believe Love is Lord of heaven and earth, it might be time to get out my guitar.

See you along the Trail.

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