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This originally appeared on Facebook as a response to a friend who asked:

What is home? How do you create a sense of home inside you?

After some reflection, I respond:

Home is the place where I belong, truly belong. I may find myself belonging in several places: Pittsburgh, where I grew up; Cleveland Heights where my wife lives and my children grew up; New York, where I live now. But home is the place (and it is not on that list) where my sense of belonging is strongest and most clear. It is the place I yearn for in times of stress and sorrow; it is the place that feeds my spirit and my soul even when I am not there. For me, I knew it was home the first time I arrived there.

Home are the people, past and present, who nurture and mentor me; challenge and infuriate me; love me.

Home is the place that awaits me.

Home is the journey. It is the Trail, in the language of this blog.

Home is a gift.

How would you answer?

See you along the Trail.

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Choosing words

While waiting for a cab, I made the following observation:

I’m a New Yorker,
do y’all take plastic
to pay for cabs here?

An interesting choice of words, for one who bleeds black and gold.

See you along the Trail.

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Purple flowers, Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church 3

15 June 2012 Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church 1

A ball of purple
waits in the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church garden
for the game to begin.

Brooklyn, New York
15 June 2012

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Why I like New York 29: The High Line

IMG_1208 (768x1024)A diverse community calls New York home. Interesting, unique opportunities lie around almost every corner.

The High Line is one of them. Located on Manhattan’s West Side, this public park is build on a freight rail  line elevated above the streets. The High Line runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues.

A path follows the old tracks: sometimes on them, sometimes above them, sometimes beside them. Trees, grass, and flowers (watch for some purple flower photos in a few months – I am still catching up)  line the sides. Art shows up every now and then. The vibrant life of the city surrounds the path, enhancing the experience.

Several friends had recommended the High Line. Today, with Tricia, I finally followed their advice. I should have done so sooner. I will do so again.

See you along the Trail.

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Thank you, US Airways

Today’s travel took me from New York to Louisville – an oft-made trip. The airlines, chosen due to price, was US Airways.

This is neither my preferred or favorite airline. It pains me a bit to say that. Allegheny Airline lies in the past of US Airways. Based in Pittsburgh, Allegheny was the first airline I ever used. My love for all things Pittsburgh lasted through a number of mergers.

In recent years, I have experienced problems on US Airways – cancelled flights, rebooking issues, and delayed luggage. I have not kept score of my travel woes. I have no documentation. But it feels like US Airways has been especially problematic.

Today, they did well by me and so I need to say: Thank you, US Airways.

The plane from LaGuardia landed in Philadelphia. The layover came to an end and I made my way to the gate for the Philadelphia to Louisville flight. The announcement came that boarding would begin shortly.

I opened my bag and discovered two items missing. I checked again and confirmed my first impression. A moment’s thought led to the realization that I had left them behind on the plane from New York.

Disappointed, I wandered to the bathroom, planning how I would deal with this. A call to the airline upon arrival in Louisville seemed the first step. I held out little hope. Actually, I held out no hope.

As I neared the gate for the plane to Louisville, a US Airways staff person said, “Is there a Mr. Ko-nig in the gate area?” She mispronounced the name. Many folks do.

“Is there a Mr. William Ko-nig in the gate area?”

I waved my boarding pass and made my way to the podium. She moved to meet me.

She held out her hand in which she held my items. “Do these belong to you?” she asked.

I smiled and replied, “They do. Thank you very much.”

“You are welcome,” she responded. She smiled and went on her way. I got in line to board.

Again I say: Thank you US Airways.

See you along the Trail.


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The trip not taken, part 3

And now I have a boarding pass for tomorrow – Sunday 23 December.

An actual boarding pass.

I have never had one of those for this trip.

It’s a step.

See you along the Trail.


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The trip not taken part 2

As I suspected yesterday, the piece of paper I was given at the airport did not prove helpful.

At the appointed hour, I attempted to obtain a boarding pass for the flight upon which the piece of paper proclaimed I had a seat.

I did not. My reservation did not show up in the system.

From calling the help desk, I learned that I would be called back in between 28 and 37 minutes.

The call actually came at reasonably close to the 37 minute mark.

But the agent told me that my ticket was cancelled. The frequent flyer miles had been returned to my account.

After several minutes of ranting, I said, “Let’s put aside what happened and why. How can you get me to Cleveland and when?”

No flights were available today. But I was told – and received an email to the effect – that I am on a flight tomorrow.

I prepared to go somewhere for dinner. Before I left, Ryan contacted me and we went and had coffee. Then DeLaina called and we went for dinner. A good evening followed a travel-challenged day.

Now I wait. At 10:50 tomorrow morning I will put this most recent information to the test and see if I can at least print a boarding pass.

See you along the Trail.

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Why I like New York 17: two turtles

Across the city, images evoke Tolkien. Two towers abound. Today’s trip to Central Park brought a different image. Look closely. They are there.

See you along the Trail.

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Why I like New York 13 – communion at presbytery

The Presbytery of New York City has issues.
Presbytery meetings can prove frustrating.
The presbytery experiences

But …
today as the presbytery gathered one more time,
I had the privilege
to help celebrate communion.

I led the great prayer of thanksgiving
and I helped serve.

I stood there holding the platen
that held the bread
as the members of the presbytery
came forward
to receive the Body of Christ:
people of many races,
people of different ages;
people who walked spryly,
people who used canes;
people I knew well,
people whose names I read from their name tags;
each one my sister, my brother,
all sisters and brothers to each other.

Again and again
my voice cracked,
my tears welled in my eyes
as the wonder
the grace
the love
of it all
near overwhelmed me.

See you along the Trail.


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It is hot. There is no doubt whatever about that. Marley is dead. And it is hot.

By some form of warped, interior, illogic, I believe that my refusal to complain about the cold entitles me to whine when it is hot. And it is hot.

My friend Laura asserts that it is “hotter than two hamsters fartin’ in a wool sock.” I do not know how she knows that. I do not want to know. I don’t even want to ponder any possibilities. I take her at her word. It is hot.

As I began to work up a privileged rant, friends intervened to provide perspective. Nancy welcomed me to her former world pointing out that such heat is the norm where she lives (until she moves – and the truck was there today). Lloyd approached the issue in another way. His Facebook post reminded me that, as hot as it may be here in New York:

It is not 120 degrees.
I am not 5700 miles from home.
I am not dressed in a full combat uniform.
I am not carrying a pack weighing 70 pounds or more.
And it is very unlikely that I will encounter a bomb.

Reflecting on Lloyd’s post reminded me that there is more to it than that:

I have shelter.
That shelter has air conditioning. And a fan.
The air conditioning in my apartment and my office works (sorry, Ryan).
I have water – as much water as I need to stay hydrated.
Most  subway cars are conditioned. Most times it works. I can find another one if it doesn’t.

Many folks – too many folks – some of them here in New York – do not have all those things. Many folks – too many folks – some of them here in New York – do not have any of those things.


It does nothing about the heat.

But it reminds me of who I am and what I have. And, hopefully, it shapes what I say and what I do.

See you along the Trail.

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