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The trip not taken, part 3

And now I have a boarding pass for tomorrow – Sunday 23 December.

An actual boarding pass.

I have never had one of those for this trip.

It’s a step.

See you along the Trail.


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The trip not taken part 2

As I suspected yesterday, the piece of paper I was given at the airport did not prove helpful.

At the appointed hour, I attempted to obtain a boarding pass for the flight upon which the piece of paper proclaimed I had a seat.

I did not. My reservation did not show up in the system.

From calling the help desk, I learned that I would be called back in between 28 and 37 minutes.

The call actually came at reasonably close to the 37 minute mark.

But the agent told me that my ticket was cancelled. The frequent flyer miles had been returned to my account.

After several minutes of ranting, I said, “Let’s put aside what happened and why. How can you get me to Cleveland and when?”

No flights were available today. But I was told – and received an email to the effect – that I am on a flight tomorrow.

I prepared to go somewhere for dinner. Before I left, Ryan contacted me and we went and had coffee. Then DeLaina called and we went for dinner. A good evening followed a travel-challenged day.

Now I wait. At 10:50 tomorrow morning I will put this most recent information to the test and see if I can at least print a boarding pass.

See you along the Trail.

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Timeline of a trip not taken

Thursday 20 December 2013

16:41 – I received an email from Delta telling me that my flight for 21 December has been cancelled. They are working to rebook my flight. I did some shopping and called Tricia to inform her of the situation. Then I returned to the Shire on the Hudson.

17:34 – I called the number on the email from Delta. The automated answering system tells me that I will be added to their system. I can hang up and they will call me back within a period ranging from 1 hour and 5 minutes to 1 hour and 31 minutes. I confirm my phone number and name and hang up.

17:46 – I received an email from Delta telling me they have rebooked my flight for 13:40 on 21 December.

22:02 – Between 1 hour and 5 minutes and 1 hour and 31 minutes having elapsed since 17:34, Delta calls me back as promised. Their agent confirms that I have been rebooked for 21 December.

Friday 21 December 2013

11:15 – I attempted to check in for the flight to which I have been rebooked. I received a message that no such reservation exists. Concern begins to flicker oh so slighty.

11:29 – I headed for a cab to LGA.

12:02 – The cab arrived at LGA, Delta Terminal.

12:03 – I noticed that the lines are long. Quite long.

12: 05 – My effort to serve myself at the self-service kiosk failed. The lines  increased in length.

12:06 – I moved to the incredibly long special services line. I texted Tricia that the situation appeared somewhat sketchy.

12:25 – Delta brought out snacks – a very, very bad sign based on my travel experience.

12:40 – I made my way to the counter and Gate Agent #1.

12:41 – Gate Agent #1 observed that my reservation was not in the computer. I showed the email.

12:57 – After much typing, more sighing, a conversation with a Supervisor, Gate Agent #1 told me to go stand in another line. Feeling a bit like Arlo, I complied.

12:58 – I arrived in the other line.

12:59 – I called Tricia to inform her of the situation and to have her look for alternative modes of travel online. She did.

13:11 – I approached the counter; Tricia left to pick up one of our sons. We hung up.

13:13 – Gate Agent #2 said, “We have no record of your reservation.”

13:13.30 – I began to realized that the word “rebooked” apparently does not mean the same thing to Delta that it does to me.

13:14 – I showed the email.

13:15 – Gate Agent #2 made phone call #1.

13:16 – Towanda and I connected via text. She helped keep me entertained and calm, plus the shopping experiences that she and Jess were having helped me realize there are worse things in life than where I am.

13:27 – Gate Agent #2 actually talked to someone.

13:27.38 – Gate Agent #2 hung up phone and made phone call #2.

13: 35 – Gate Agent #3 came over and worked the computer and reached a profound conclusion that I had never heard before. “We have no record of your reservation.”

13.35.12 – Gate Agent #2 said, “We emailed him.”

13:36 – Word were exchanged. Gate Agent #2 handed phone to Gate Agent #3 and walked away.

13:39 – Gate Agent #3 asked, “Could you fly tomorrow.”

13:39.10 – I replied, “The first agent said there were no flights.”

13:40 – Gate Agent #3 said, “What about 7:30?”

13:40.02 – Showing remarkable calm under the circumstances, I asked, “In the morning.”

13:40. 12 – “No, at night,” replied Gate Agent #3.

13.40. 16 – “Is that all there is?” I responded. “Nothing earlier?” I was pressing my luck, there could have been an early morning flight.

13.41 – “How about 4:30?” asked Gate Agent #3.

13.41.03 – “Good,” I said.

13.42 – While holding it, I called Tricia to tell her I have apiece of paper that says I have a reservation and a seat on a flight tomorrow at 16:30 from JFK to CLE.

Three observations – one for each Gate Agent (kind of a Magi moment now that I think about it):

1. I am not sure why a piece of paper that says I have a reservation and a seat is that much more better than an email saying I have a reservation and a seat. It doesn’t make me feel more secure.

2. At 16:31, I am going to attempt to print out my boarding pass. We will see if that happens. But even if it does, I will not feel more secure.

3, This really does not amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. But at the same time, I did not get on the plane. And I regret it. And I do that now.

I will keep you posted about what happens tomorrow.

See you along the Trail.

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