The trip not taken part 2

As I suspected yesterday, the piece of paper I was given at the airport did not prove helpful.

At the appointed hour, I attempted to obtain a boarding pass for the flight upon which the piece of paper proclaimed I had a seat.

I did not. My reservation did not show up in the system.

From calling the help desk, I learned that I would be called back in between 28 and 37 minutes.

The call actually came at reasonably close to the 37 minute mark.

But the agent told me that my ticket was cancelled. The frequent flyer miles had been returned to my account.

After several minutes of ranting, I said, “Let’s put aside what happened and why. How can you get me to Cleveland and when?”

No flights were available today. But I was told – and received an email to the effect – that I am on a flight tomorrow.

I prepared to go somewhere for dinner. Before I left, Ryan contacted me and we went and had coffee. Then DeLaina called and we went for dinner. A good evening followed a travel-challenged day.

Now I wait. At 10:50 tomorrow morning I will put this most recent information to the test and see if I can at least print a boarding pass.

See you along the Trail.

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