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Choosing words

While waiting for a cab, I made the following observation:

I’m a New Yorker,
do y’all take plastic
to pay for cabs here?

An interesting choice of words, for one who bleeds black and gold.

See you along the Trail.

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What would you do?

Photo by Ad Meskens

Photo by Ad Meskens

What do you do when your cab driver makes the sign of the cross while the cab is moving?

I confess it befuddles me. When I notice a cabbie make that simple, profound, ancient gesture in that context, I wonder what to think and feel.

Should I feel safer because the driver has reached out to the Divine for guidance and protection?

Should I worry because clearly the driver no longer has confidence in his or her abilities to navigate the situation and has to turn to another source for assistance?

Should I rejoice in the drivers affirmation that we all live and move and have or being in God?

Should I scan the area for danger?

Fall to the cab floor?

Prepare to fling open the door and jump, tuck and roll toward safety?

Join the driver in the action?

Use the situation for an opportunity to write something boring?

The possibilities seem endless.

To help explore them, I ask: “What would you do?”

See you along the Trail.

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