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5 February 2019

Gym at the Shire. Stretching
Morningside Gardens. Walking.
Laundry Room at the Shire. Laundry.
Redemption Song – Bob Marley & The Wailers
Don’t Believe the Hype – Public Enemy
Party at Ground Zero – Fishbone
Renegades of Funk – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Colors – Ice-T
Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution – Tracy Chapman
Control – Janet Jackson
Proud to Be Black – Run-DMC
Nelson Mandela – The Special AKA
Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
String Quartet No. 1: I. Allegro – by George Walker, performed by Son Sinora String Quartet

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Heading back for the first time

Soon I will begin one of my favorite pastimes. I will do the laundry.

When I finish, I will pack some of the recently laundered clothes and some others. The Trail beckons again.

This time it will lead me back to Louisville. I have gone there often. Each trip is unique. This one will certainly be.

I will not stay at the Shire. This condo served as home and haven from 2003. Many friends stayed there with me through the years. Since moving to New York, my wife and I have tried to sell the Shire. Earlier this year we succeeded.

Until the sale, I usually stayed at the Shire at least for part of the time when in Louisville. Once or twice, I stayed in a hotel for the sake of attending a meeting. Now I will stay in a hotel for the whole time period. And that will happen every time.

The world turns. Life changes. We go on.

See you along the Trail.

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Of such is life


I purchased a ticket to go to Korea;
the church there has invited me to come
and speak about engagement in the
public arena.

My heart broke for women who
endure a culture of rape and violence;
for children who cry to sleep
with nothing to eat;
for peoples whose countries are
torn by war;
for sisters and brothers I do not know
who are violated in ways I
cannot imagine.

I raised a glass in memory of my father
who died 39 years ago
this day.

I spent significant time doing laundry and
washing dishes.


Of such is life.

See you along the Trail.

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Growing up?

It was one of those: “I’m not real sure what to make of it moments.”

Tonight was laundry night. Always a high point. Although there was some urgency as I go on the road tomorrow. Clean clothes always helps make the journey pleasant.

The washing completed, I placed the clothes in the dryer and returned to my apartment to watch Daniel Day-Lewis find Madeline Stowe again – no matter where she went. I have long ago lost track of how often I have viewed this one. We first got it as a VHS and we may still have it.

Things timed out so that the movie ended about when it seemed the time to go check the laundry. I got there early – about a minute remained on the dryer.

Fascinated, I watched the cycle spin to an end. All sorts of clothes tumbled past. Yes, I am one of those who puts everything in the same load.

After a few seconds, I noticed that while there were different items of clothing, there was a dull sameness to them. Pastel blues. Whites. Blacks. Grays. A brown or two. Dull. Dull. Dull.

Have I grown up? Do I need to do anything about this? I wonder.

See you along the Trail.

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Do you remember Allison?

I loaded the laundry and started the machines. Laundry night, bound to brim with excitement.

I stopped by the vending machine to pick up a Diet Coke. As I started back through the security door, I heard a group coming into the building. I did the nice thing and waited for them, holding the door.

Their interactions clearly marked them as an extended family; their clothes showed they had gathered for a family event of some sort.

We crowded on to the elevator. They made family jokes and talked about other family members. In the few short moments we rode together, names were named and tales told.

Finally someone mentioned Allison. The name drew a reaction.

“Allison?” said one of the younger men standing behind me.

“You remember Allison,” replied one of the women. “You wanted to marry her at Uncle Percy’s funeral.”

At that point the elevator reached their floor and they piled out of the elevator, leaving me to wonder:

Was a proposal made at the funeral? Did the wedding ever take place? Why not? How were Uncle Percy and Allison related, if at all? Where is Allison now? Is she well? Does she miss what could have been? Was she already married at the time of the funeral?

Many questions that will keep me up all night.

See you along the Trail.

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Night on the mesa

Lightning pierces the blue-black night
illuminating the cholla;
the moon fights through a cloud,
turning it a pale white;
a soft breeze sweeps across the mesa,
bringing a gentle chill;
the silent night is broken only by the
chirping of crickets and the
thumping of the dryer.

11 July 2011
Ghost Ranch, NM

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That words do not come too late

Spent the day writing a sermon. Tomorrow I preach at St. James Presbyterian Church. I am looking forward to that.

The day also brought a cleaning surge here at the Shire on the Hudson. Things had been getting pretty grungy. Now they are just kind of grungy. One step at a time. The laundry did get done. That’s always a good thing.

A number of movies have been viewed over the past few days. Some oldies that I have seen before – Batman: The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger is amazing – and then there are Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine and Gary Oldman and the list goes on); The Bourne Identity, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The most interesting new one was Get Low with Robert Duvall. He turns in a strong performance and the cast supports him well.

The story, supposedly based on truth, is fascinating. Duvall’s character, Felix Bush lives as a hermit. And he decides he wants to hold his funeral – before he dies – while he is able to attend.

I found myself recalling one of my favorite scenes from Waking Ned Devine. Jackie O’Shea is speaking at the funeral for Ned Devine – and when the lottery man arrives, Jackie quickly changes the focus because the town has told him that Ned is still alive. Michael O’Sullivan is masquerading as Ned so they can cash in Ned’s winning lottery ticket.

Jackie pauses for a moment and then says, “Michael O’Sullivan was my great friend. But I don’t ever remember telling him that. The words that are spoken at a funeral are spoken too late for the man who is dead. What a wonderful thing it would be to visit your own funeral.”

In Get Low, Felix Bush decides he wants to do just that (as he did in real life, apparently). Of course there are some twists and turns to get there. But get there they do. And the truth is told – painful, heartbreaking, hard truth – truth from the past – truth that has shaped, distorted, truncated Felix’s life and the lives of many others. And it seems that forgiveness and some measure of reconciliation occurs.

Felix’s tale in Get Low took my thinking in two directions. 

Direction One.
I don’t want to attend my own memorial service. At least that’s what I think at the moment. I also don’t want that memorial service to happen any time soon. And I realize that memorial services are for the living not for the one who has died. But I do have an idea what I would like to see happen at that service – years and years from now.

That idea comes from Waking Ned Devine. The memorial service should be a time of celebration and giving thanks. And after the service, all of my family and all of my friends should gather for a party – a mighty party – a party with music and food and drink – a party with stories told and memories shared – a party filled with tears and laughter – a party that lasts through the night. Then, in the morning, the still quiet darkness of the morning, all who are able should fill their glass and make their way to the highest point that is nearby and their they should toast me as the sun rises.

Direction Two.
I need to be sure that my family and friends know what they mean to me. I need to make sure that my words do not come too late. May it be so.

See you along the Trail.

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