Growing up?

It was one of those: “I’m not real sure what to make of it moments.”

Tonight was laundry night. Always a high point. Although there was some urgency as I go on the road tomorrow. Clean clothes always helps make the journey pleasant.

The washing completed, I placed the clothes in the dryer and returned to my apartment to watch Daniel Day-Lewis find Madeline Stowe again – no matter where she went. I have long ago lost track of how often I have viewed this one. We first got it as a VHS and we may still have it.

Things timed out so that the movie ended about when it seemed the time to go check the laundry. I got there early – about a minute remained on the dryer.

Fascinated, I watched the cycle spin to an end. All sorts of clothes tumbled past. Yes, I am one of those who puts everything in the same load.

After a few seconds, I noticed that while there were different items of clothing, there was a dull sameness to them. Pastel blues. Whites. Blacks. Grays. A brown or two. Dull. Dull. Dull.

Have I grown up? Do I need to do anything about this? I wonder.

See you along the Trail.

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