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Growing up?

It was one of those: “I’m not real sure what to make of it moments.”

Tonight was laundry night. Always a high point. Although there was some urgency as I go on the road tomorrow. Clean clothes always helps make the journey pleasant.

The washing completed, I placed the clothes in the dryer and returned to my apartment to watch Daniel Day-Lewis find Madeline Stowe again – no matter where she went. I have long ago lost track of how often I have viewed this one. We first got it as a VHS and we may still have it.

Things timed out so that the movie ended about when it seemed the time to go check the laundry. I got there early – about a minute remained on the dryer.

Fascinated, I watched the cycle spin to an end. All sorts of clothes tumbled past. Yes, I am one of those who puts everything in the same load.

After a few seconds, I noticed that while there were different items of clothing, there was a dull sameness to them. Pastel blues. Whites. Blacks. Grays. A brown or two. Dull. Dull. Dull.

Have I grown up? Do I need to do anything about this? I wonder.

See you along the Trail.


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The big news

Finally saw a rattlesnake – of course it was behind glass and in the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, but it was a rattlesnake.

Started the day on the treadmill with The Last of the Mohicans. Good stuff. I saw the last of the movie. Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing as always. I once walked a short distance with Russell Means during a demonstration in Cleveland. He’s a big guy.

First stop for the day was the Downtown Aquarium. Since we planned to go to the Colorado Rockies baseball game, we parked near the stadium and walked to the aquarium. Had lunch, checked out the critters. Noticed a distinct lack of octopi. Hmmm.

Great night for baseball – a well played game. Lots of fun. $1 hot dog. Baseball should show up on my to-do list more often.

All of that was great, but the big news is that the step count for the day was 21,294. That’s right. Over 20,000. That is the second time that happened. Once last summer at Ghost Ranch, the count exceeded the 20k level. So I don’t know if this is a record or not. But it is the highest in over a year. And it is pretty darn good. I also managed to eat well.

Tomorrow marks the end of the vacation and the return to the Shire. Ah well. Until the next one.

See you along the Trail.

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