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27 March 2020

Pacing. Stretching. The Shire.
Revolution – Kirk Franklin & The Family (in memory of Buddy Monahan)
Formation – Beyonce
Play a Love Song – Hikaru Utada
Freedom Train – Sweet Honey in the Rock
The Chain – Shawn Colvin
Take My Hand, Precious Lord – Mahalia Jackson
Waiting for Tonight – Jennifer Lopez
When a Woman – Shakira
Fight for the Rights – Kelly Fraser
State of the World – Janet Jackson
Rock Me on the Water – Annie Humphrey
Electric Lady – Janelle Monae
History Repeats – Brittany Howard
Un Dia Mas – Lya Barrioz
Cama-I – Mary Youngblood
Simple Joys – Pippin (the Playbill 30 Day Song Challenge – thanks Sean)

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3 December 2019

Walking. Morningside Gardens.
Happy Birthday Sera. Remembering Buddy.
The Miracle of Life – Red Nativity
Holy Disorder – Sera
Firemouth – Sera
Pie Jesu ver. On the Rocks – Sera
The Calling ver. The End – Sera
Brave New World – Sera
The Rite of Letting Go – Sera
This is What Love Must Feel Like – Sera
Architects of December – Sera
Bird – Sera
Peace Anthem – Sera
With Mary Let My Soul Rejoice – Princeton Seminary Choir
Christmas is Here – Princeton Seminary Choir
Spanish Shepherd’s Song – Princeton Seminary Choir
Boomer Sooner – Pride of Oklahoma Band (You Tube)
Rock and Roll All Nite – KISS (You Tube)
Revolution – Kirk Franklin
Cedar, Sweet Grass and Sage – Bill Miller

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We will remember you

The Rev. Buddy Monahan, my friend and colleague and leader in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), advocate for Native American peoples in and out of the church, seeker of justice, lover of life and the human family, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. I wrote this and posted it on Facebook. As I watched the  live stream of his memorial service today, I realized that I wanted to post this here as well – to make it easier for me to find. The photo was taken at Standing Rock where Buddy, the Rev. Irvin Porter, and Synod Executive Elona-Street Stewart and I visited on behalf of the church. Our colleague Rick Jones took the photo. 

We will remember you, Buddy,
we will remember you:
follower of Jesus
StandingRockseeker of justice
pursuer of peace
breaker of chains
builder of community
child, spouse, father
chaplain, pastor
coach, teacher
youth worker
colleague, mentor, friend
person of faith
beloved child of God.

You loved your family,
cherished your friends,
affirmed Native peoples,
called the Church to repent,
invited Eric Law to Menaul,
traveled to Standing Rock,
challenged power and privilege,
analyzed the Doctrine of Discovery,
disrupted racism, patriarchy, and more.

And suddenly, unexpectedly, tragically,
you are gone. Too young gone. Too soon gone.
Understanding falters.

We grieve.
But above our grief
through our grief
within our grief
we hear faintly,
ever so faintly,
your song now perfectly joined with the Song.

And above our grief
through our grief
within our grief
we give thanks to God
for sharing you for a season
with Dyanna
with Jordyn, Ashdyn, Brandyn
with Menaul School
with Westminster Presbyterian Church
with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
with so many, with us.

And above our grief
through our grief
within our grief
we give thanks that God who made you,
and who journeyed with you
and who loved you
loves you still;
loves us still.

We will remember you, Buddy,
we will remember you.

Written 27 March 2018
Posted 4 April 2018
See you along the Trail.

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