3 December 2022

Walking Old Louisville. Walking in the apartment.
Celebrating Sera Chung’s birthday.
Remembering Buddy Monahan on his birthday.
Remembering Bob Brashear on his birthday.
Remembering the Eureka Rebellion in Australia.
Holy Disorder – Sera Chung
FIREMOUTH – Sera Chung
Pie Jesu ver. On the Rocks – Sera Chung
The Calling ver. The END – Sera Chung
Brave New World – Sera Chung
The Rite of Letting Go – Sera Chung
This Is What Love Must Feel Like – Sera Chung
Architects of December – Sera Chung
BIrd – Sera Chung
Peace Anthem – Sera Chung
Canticle of the Turning – Princeton Seminary Choir
Revolution – Kirk Franklin & The Family
Rock and Roll All Nite – Kiss
Boomer Sooner – The University of Oklahoma Marching Band
All Walls Must Fall – Robert Brashear
Listen – Robert Brashear
Cross of the South – Seona McDowell
The Land Belongs to Them – John Munro, fear. John Schmann
Republic – John Munro, feat. Eric Bogle
Spirit of the Land – John Munro, feat. Kat Kraus


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