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Announcement: a roommate

I have a roommate.

There. I have said it publicly.

Oh, Tricia visits the Shire from time to time, not enough. Eric has been here. Friends stay with me.

But now, I am no longer alone. I have a roommate.

We have been together for a little over a month. I wanted to see how this new relationship would work out before I acknowledged it. That probably was not fair to my new roommate, but one can never be too certain about how new relationships. They change our lives. They have the potential to impact existing relationships. But it has worked well. So this seems the opportune moment to let the world, or at least the two loyal readers of my blog, know.

My roommate is the strong, silent type. It may be even more accurate to describe my roommate as the strong, silent, immobile type. One might even use the word potted and speak the truth.

While my roommate asks nothing and says less, I can count on a welcoming wave at all times of day.

With thanks to Lydia who introduced us when she stayed at the Shire, and apologies for my hesitancy in acknowledging our relationship, here’s Norman:

See you along the Trail.




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Scouring the Shire, part II



15 February 2014

Physically exhausted,

emotionally drained,

the scouring continues.

After a nap.

See you along the Trail.

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Scouring the Shire

photo (59)09:58:34

15 February 2014

Snow blankets the Shire, powdered sugar on pastry.

The aroma of coffee, strong coffee, fills the air.

A friend comes to visit soon,

no mark on the door needed for me to know.

Time to prepare, to make ready, to clean.

photo (58)Enthusiasm seizes me, energy surges through me,

the scouring begins.

See you along the Trail.

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Thanks to a friend, I will always know when I am home.



May everyone have reminders of safe places they can call home.

See you along the Trail.

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Sunset at the Shire

photo (40) (766x1024)


On 17 June,
in the year 2013,
Tricia and I
had this view
on our way
back to the Shire
from the Massawa Restaurant.

See you along the Trail.

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Now that the Shire has sold

Now that the Shire has sold,
frustration, and
anger melt as icicles in winter sun.
life-giving memory
washes over me as summer sun.
Moments fill my heart,
people, beloved people, dance across my soul.
Sadness dissipates.
Joy suffuses.
And I know
it was good.
It is good.

10 April 2013
DL 4065


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Heading back for the first time

Soon I will begin one of my favorite pastimes. I will do the laundry.

When I finish, I will pack some of the recently laundered clothes and some others. The Trail beckons again.

This time it will lead me back to Louisville. I have gone there often. Each trip is unique. This one will certainly be.

I will not stay at the Shire. This condo served as home and haven from 2003. Many friends stayed there with me through the years. Since moving to New York, my wife and I have tried to sell the Shire. Earlier this year we succeeded.

Until the sale, I usually stayed at the Shire at least for part of the time when in Louisville. Once or twice, I stayed in a hotel for the sake of attending a meeting. Now I will stay in a hotel for the whole time period. And that will happen every time.

The world turns. Life changes. We go on.

See you along the Trail.

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