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Be: 20 May 2014

UNCHR tent - I hope (800x450)

To exist
to have a place
to live in safety

to be.

2 June 2011
United Nations Headquarters
Manhattan, New York

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Thanks to a friend, I will always know when I am home.



May everyone have reminders of safe places they can call home.

See you along the Trail.

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Perspective 2

A while back, when tempted to whine about the heat, I reflected on perspective with the help of some friends. Today, while touring the United Nations headquarters with a group from China I saw a t-shirt that further deepens my perspective on the challenges of life – the real challenges of life. The t-shirt hangs on the display about displacement – hangs there every day – hangs there every time I accompany a group on a tour. I see it every time. Today, though it spoke to me with a power not present before.

The photo lacks in quality – next time I will bring a better camera – but it conveys the message.

May all who share such hopes have them realized.

May I help answer these hopes of my sisters and brothers.

See you along the Trail.

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Get home safe

It happens almost every night.

I shut off the computer,
turn out the light,
and leave the office.

I walk down the hall to the elevator
and push the call button.

When the cab arrives, I push “1” and head downstairs.

Hector is there to see me out.

Sometimes we talk about weather or family.
Often we talk sports.
[Conversations got interesting when
my Steelers beat his Jets.]

Then I head for the door,
and I hear Hector’s final words:
always the same
always in the same, kind voice:

“Good night, Marko.
Get home safe.”

Get home safe.

We live in a world where so many have not a home
a tent in a refugee camp
a blanket in the back of a car
a cot in a shelter
a mattress in a brothel
a root of a tree
a spot on a subway grate;

a world where unsafe situations fill so many homes:
domestic violence
sex trafficking

a world where the journey home
is unsafe
perils, dangers
known and unknown
lurk and strike
with regularity and ferocity.

In such a world, Hector’s words come as
a blessing
a benediction
a prayer that the day may soon dawn . . .
and a challenge that we work for that day . . .
every one has a home
every home is safe
and we all travel there safely.

Get home safe.

May it be so.

See you along the Trali.

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