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The door closes, the light remains off

The door closes. The light remains off.
All good things …
The management of The Shire, Louisville’s finest half-star bed (you’re on your own for breakfast – Starbucks is down the road), wishes to inform you that, as of 22 March 2013, we have ceased operations and sold The Shire.

You will be pleased to know that the Sackville-Bagginses did not obtain the property. We certainly were.

However, the new owner, while extremely excited to purchase such a unique and valuable property, does not plan to operate The Shire as a half-star bed (you’re on your own for breakfast – Starbucks is down the road). Thus, you will need to find other arrangements when the Trail brings you to the Louisville area. Of course nothing you find will match the non-existent, exacting standards of The Shire. But do the best you can.

Know that The Shire management deeply appreciated the patronage of each guest. We appreciated those of you who wish you could have stayed at the Shire but who never did. For those who wanted no part of the Shire … well so be it.

We wish you all safe travels and peaceful, joy-filled rest.

Thank you for a great journey!

The door closes. The light remains off.

… come to an end.

See you along the Trail.

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Lent 2: return


 125th Street 1,2,3 train platform
Manhattan, New York
3 September 2011

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The rant of privilege

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recognize my privilege in being able to travel.

I recognize my privilege in being able to travel by air.

I recognize how amazing the whole concept of flight is.

I recognize that most times, travel goes far more smoothly than I have any right to expect.

I recognize that.

And when things go wrong. I whine. I acknowledge my privilege. And I whine.

Here, in a series of Facebook posts, is what happened today:

10:05 AM more or less
The plane left the gate, taxied to the runway, where we now sit waiting for an open gate to which the plane can return to have a steering issue corrected. Do we get frequent flyer miles for taxiing back and forth? Or frequent sitting points?

10:35 AM more or less
And we’re back at the gate. What a short, strange trip it’s been.

10:45 AM more or less
And we’re getting off. In Louisville. Jordan is working on our flights. Amazing how he can do that and talk to us on the plane at the same time.

11:00 AM more or less
Rebooked. Kind of like being rebooted.

11:02 AM more or less
Why did the child laugh when he saw our plane is going thru Detroit?

11:05 AM
“Your plane will leave at 11:00 so you can make the connection,” said the gate agent at 11:05 with no plane at the jetway and the crew standing inside the airport.

11:08 AM
Always nice to have these kind of travel issues when no one cares when you arrive.

11:24 AM
Now boarding the plane that left at 11:00. It’s 11:24. Hope the plane is still there.

11:30 AM more or less
Now waiting for fuel for the plane. Those frequent sitting points keep accumulating.

11:35 AM more or less
Fuel truck arrived at plane. Could this lead to movement? In the air?

11:45 AM more or less
The door is closed. Will the next text be from DTW?

12:10 PM more or less

12:40 PM more or less
And on another plane. A much bigger plane. But still sitting. The rant of privilege goes on and on.

12:58 PM more or less
“We look forward to seeing you on your way back,” says the DTW gate agent. Not real good news to those of us who have had today’s adventure in SDF

3:02 PM more or less
LGA. The adventure draws to a close.

3:03 PM more or less
Apparently I was in an “economy comfort” seat. Not all the parts of my anatomy feel comfortable, though.

3:20 PM more or less
Have my bag.

4:12 PM more or less
The Shire on the Hudson

The day’s travel draws to a close. Other days – better days, worse days, different days – will follow.

And on those days, I’ll see you along the Trail.


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Two-for-one readings

To learn what life will bring you,
for a fee, a modest fee,
Sister Rose will read your palm
and tell you just what will be.

Now only for this summer,
Rose is offering a steal,
two readings at one low price:
how can you pass on such a deal?

For should you be discouraged
by what your right hand reveals,
your left one may provide you
with a future that appeals.

13 July 2011
Espanola, NM and Ghost Ranch, NM 

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Day 1 (again)

A travel day – often the most challenging – so easy to stop into Hudson News and pick up candy or nuts (not bad in themselves but a problem when a couple of bags are consumed at the same time).

A travel day – made even more challenging by a variety of frustrations – the plane was late and got later as the day went on – and the internet connection in BWI was pretty week.

A travel day – an emotional day, leaving family behind, realizing that I don’t really have a place to call home in the sense of a place where there is family/community, experiencing the realities of trying to live in three places.

A travel day – on which overeating did not occur, indeed eating was appropriate – only 6,700 steps but that is a few more than expected.

A travel day – the first day – more to follow.

See you along the Trail.

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Stuck in BWI. Not sure how long it will be. Air card not working real well. Patience not my strong suit. Good news is that I have not allowed this to be an excuse for overeating. At least not yet.

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Well I have not done as well at blogging as I had hoped. I have done well in terms of eating and exercising. I have now lost track of the number of days that I have walked more than 10,000 steps. We are talking a couple of weeks or so – but still.

Packed for another trip tonight. On the way to Lake Erie Presbytery.

10,632 steps today. And got to gym.

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