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Purple, not flowers, spider

IMG_9834 (800x533)

23 December 2017
Wild Lights, Detroit Zoo
Detroit, Michigan

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Purple, not flowers, lights

IMG_6711 (800x600)

23 December 2017
Wild Lights, Detroit Zoo
Detroit, Michigan

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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 16 August 2016

The Until We Meet Again Tour moved into a new phase on 1 August 2016. That day began the transition to my new position as Coordinator for Leadership Development, Racial Justice, and Networking. I will continue working in New York.

From 15 to 18 August, I went to Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario for the Racial Ethnic Leadership Institute. It was hot and humid, which seems to be a common complaint for the summer.

It was good to be with friends I have know and with whom I will now work closely. And it was good to make new friends. The adventure continues.


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Arrive 2 – 14 June 2014


I had posted for this day.
Then, walking along the Detroit riverfront,
I saw this statue.
And it left me to wonder:

Where have we arrived?

How much farther do we have to go?

12 June 2014
Detroit RiverWalk
Detroit, Michigan

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Purple Flowers, GM Renaissance Center


A diversity of purple
greets guests
to Detroit’sGM Renaissance Center.

12 June 2014
Detroit, Michigan

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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) photo-a-day journey

PCUSA photoAday-2I spotted this on the Facebook page of my friend Larissa Kwong Abazia.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) holds its biennial General Assembly in Detroit this June. Larissa stands (Presbyterians don’t run) for vice-moderator.

But she offers this invitation to all Presbyterians:

Calling all Presbyterians! Join in a photo-a-day journey as we prepare for the PC(USA) General Assembly. I invite you to celebrate who we are and who we want to become, no matter who you’re supporting for moderator of GA. Let’s have fun in the next forty days as we seek to serve our Church together. Pass it along! #journeytoGA #pcusa

I plan to give it a try. I invite you to join us.

See you along the Trail.

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The rant of privilege

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recognize my privilege in being able to travel.

I recognize my privilege in being able to travel by air.

I recognize how amazing the whole concept of flight is.

I recognize that most times, travel goes far more smoothly than I have any right to expect.

I recognize that.

And when things go wrong. I whine. I acknowledge my privilege. And I whine.

Here, in a series of Facebook posts, is what happened today:

10:05 AM more or less
The plane left the gate, taxied to the runway, where we now sit waiting for an open gate to which the plane can return to have a steering issue corrected. Do we get frequent flyer miles for taxiing back and forth? Or frequent sitting points?

10:35 AM more or less
And we’re back at the gate. What a short, strange trip it’s been.

10:45 AM more or less
And we’re getting off. In Louisville. Jordan is working on our flights. Amazing how he can do that and talk to us on the plane at the same time.

11:00 AM more or less
Rebooked. Kind of like being rebooted.

11:02 AM more or less
Why did the child laugh when he saw our plane is going thru Detroit?

11:05 AM
“Your plane will leave at 11:00 so you can make the connection,” said the gate agent at 11:05 with no plane at the jetway and the crew standing inside the airport.

11:08 AM
Always nice to have these kind of travel issues when no one cares when you arrive.

11:24 AM
Now boarding the plane that left at 11:00. It’s 11:24. Hope the plane is still there.

11:30 AM more or less
Now waiting for fuel for the plane. Those frequent sitting points keep accumulating.

11:35 AM more or less
Fuel truck arrived at plane. Could this lead to movement? In the air?

11:45 AM more or less
The door is closed. Will the next text be from DTW?

12:10 PM more or less

12:40 PM more or less
And on another plane. A much bigger plane. But still sitting. The rant of privilege goes on and on.

12:58 PM more or less
“We look forward to seeing you on your way back,” says the DTW gate agent. Not real good news to those of us who have had today’s adventure in SDF

3:02 PM more or less
LGA. The adventure draws to a close.

3:03 PM more or less
Apparently I was in an “economy comfort” seat. Not all the parts of my anatomy feel comfortable, though.

3:20 PM more or less
Have my bag.

4:12 PM more or less
The Shire on the Hudson

The day’s travel draws to a close. Other days – better days, worse days, different days – will follow.

And on those days, I’ll see you along the Trail.


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