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A prayer for Taiwan, Japan, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Alaska, eastern Kentucky, and all places dealing with disasters and their aftermath

God of all creation, 

when the earth shakes,

you are God. 

When the waters rage,

you are God. 

When winds howl and rains batter,

you are God. 

When floods rise and power fails, 

you are God. 

In all your children face, endure, and experience,

you are God. 

Present with us. 

Sharing our situation. 

Offering support. . 

When your children stand in need,

you are God

Provide comfort to those who mourn,

healing for those who are injured,

strength to those who respond first,

guidance for those who extend care,

and compassion and wisdom for all who help rebuild. 

Inspire all nations and peoples,

inspire us

to reach out in ways that help your children, our siblings, wherever they may be. 

In Jesus’ name we pray. 



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18 September 2022

Walking. Rolling. Gym in the apartment.
Serenata Cruel – Villa Cariño
El Baile de los Que Sobran – Los Prisioneros
Lo Que No Voy a Decir (feat. Portavoz) – Subverso
Shock – Ana Tijoux
Quiero Verte Más – Francisca Valenzuela
Vuelvo – Inti Illimani
Verde, Amarillo, y Rojo – Gondwana
Canto Libre – Victor Jara
Llueve sobre la ciudad – Los Bunkers
Loca – Chico Trujillo
Curiche – Newen Afrobeat Curiche (feat. Oghnene Kologbo, Enrique Camhi & Diego Alarcón)
Pisagua 1973 – Los Miserables
Sencillo – Moral Distraida Hacerlo de Día
Me Gustan los Estudiantes – Tita Parra
Venceremos – Ventiscka
Himno Nacional De Chile – National Anthem Band

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17 September 2022

Walking. Gym in the Apartment.
National Hispanic American Heritage Month.
Latitud Zero (San Monito) – Agua Clara
Bad Hombres Y Mujeres – Antonio Sanchez
La Zona – Bad Bunny
Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo – Bareto
Como la Flor – Selena
El Sueño de la Hija del Rey – Savina Yannatou
Chantaje – Shakira, feat. Maluma
El Reloj De Pastora – Sierra Maestra
Carnavaliando – Marta Gómez
Mecanica De Amor – Mi Son
Somos Hijos del Maíz – Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy
SAME SIDE – Jessie Reyez
Practice What You Preach – Santana
Real Friends – Camila Cabello

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Una oración en un dia de tormentas

(translated by Marissa Galván)
Dios del viento, 
Dios del sol, 
Dios de la lluvia, 
Dios de la furia, 
Dios de la calma, 
Dios de la tormenta, 
oramos por lugares, pueblos y criaturas 
que hacen frente a climas severod. 
Te pedimos por Alaska 
en donde la gente se enfrenta 
A los remanentes del Tifón Merbok; 
Te pedimos por Puerto Rico y las Islas Vírgenes, 
y por Guadalupe y otras islas del Caribe 
en donde acecha la Tormenta Tropical Fiona; 
y por los lugares y lospueblos 
que se enfrentan a tormentas 
que no sabemos o conocemos. 
Tanto en Alaska, como en Puerto Rico, 
y en cada lugar y todo lugar, 
protege a las personas y a tus criaturas, 
dirige a quienes toman medidas para aumentar la seguridad, 
da fortaleza a las personas que responden y a las que se preparan para responder, 
e inspira a las naciones y organizaciones del mundo 
para que proporcionen la asistencia adecuada. 
Esto lo pedimos en el nombre de Jesús 
que calmó la tormenta. 
A prayer on a day of stormsAmén.

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A prayer on a day of storms

God of the wind,

God of the sun,

God of the rain,

God of the fury,

God of the calm,

God of the storm,

we pray for places, peoples, and creatures

facing severe weather.

For Alaska as the people face

the remnants of Typhoon Merbok;

for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands,

and for Guadeloupe and other islands in the Caribbean

where Tropical Storm Fiona prowls;

and for places and peoples

who face storms of which we are unaware.

In Alaska,

in Puerto Rico,

in each place and every place,

protect the people and your creatures,

guide those who take steps to increase safety,

strengthen those who respond, and who are preparing to respond,

inspire the nations and organizations of the world

to provide appropriate assistance.

This we pray in the name of Jesus

who stilled a storm.


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A prayer for everyone who grieves – a prayer for us all

We pray, O God,

for everyone who knows grief

be grief recent and raw

or from long ago and seemingly buried,

be grief for a solitary reason

or a complex situation snarled from multiple causes,

be grief a dull ache of loss and longing

or a sharp, almost unbearable tearing,

We pray, O God,

for everyone who knows grief

and because impermanence and loss

are woven into the fabric of creation and life,

we pray for us all, even ourselves.

May we have the grace to grieve

in the ways that bring healing to us;

may we find the courage

to accept appropriate help as, grief-stricken,

we make our way through shadowed valleys.

May we restrain our judgements,

check our expectations,

and allow each person

the freedom and space

to grieve in their own fashion.

Grant each person

the strength to mourn

and the wisdom to rely on you

as they grieve.

We pray in the name of Jesus

who wept at the death of his friend.


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16 September 2022

Walking. Gym in the Apartment.
Mexican independence. Victor Jara death. B.B. King birth.
Himno Nacional Mexicano – Banda de Genaro Nuñez & Banda Estudiantil del Estado de Jalisco
Me Gustan los Estudiantes – Tita Parra
El Pueblo Unido Jamàs Serà Vencido – Inti-Illimani
Pisagua 1973 – Los Miserables
Victor Jara’s Hands – Calexico
Victor Jara – Arlo Guthrie
15 de Septiembre – José Alfredo Jiménez
Estadio Chile – Pete Seeger
Manifiesto – Victor Jara
Juan Sin Tierra – Ska-P
Back Against the Wall – Hagni
It Could Have Been Me – Holly Near
Washington Bullets – The Clash
Whole Lotta Love – B.B. King
Everyday I Have the Blues – B.B. King
Please Accept My Love – B.B. King

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Roberto Clemente Day – 2022

Reposted from 2019

A friend shared a post by a baseball fan lamenting never seeing Clemente, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ great right fielder from 1955 until his untimely death in 1972 play. “If there’s one athlete, past or present, that I wish I could have seen play, it would be Roberto Clemente.”

I understand the sentiment. Because I saw Clemente play. And I am forever grateful. 

At Forbes Field and at Three Rivers Stadium, I had the privilege to see Roberto Clemente play. On numerous occasions, I saw him play with the skill and grace and passion that few brought to the game. Slashing hits. Unmatched arm. He covered right field like a blanket. He ran the bases with abandon. 

But as great a player as he was, Roberto Clemente was an even greater human being. He cared for children, offering clinics in Puerto Rico and Pittsburgh. He advocated for civil rights. He demanded that he be treated justly as he challenged the systemic racism that permeated baseball and society.

Interviewed after he led the Pirates to victory in the 1971 World Series, Roberto Clemente spoke first to his parents – in Spanish. There was not a dry eye in my house. I suspect there was not a dry eye in many places. Tears fell in puddles when Clemente died on a humanitarian mission to aid the people of Nicaragua.

Yes. I saw Roberto Clemente play. More importantly, I saw Roberto Clemente live. And I am better for it. 

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A fat man prays in a world that knows hunger

God of abundance,

we pray for people who are hungry,

people who live with food insecurity. 

Lead us by your Holy Spirit

to help feed your children, our siblings,

who are in need

Lead us by your Holy Spirit

to join movements

working to disrupt and transform

systems and factors that create and perpetuate

hunger and food insecurity;

ensure that your children, our siblings, 

are able to feed themselves in dignity. 

We pray in the name of Jesus 

who fed the multitudes

and challenges the system of domination. 


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Purple flowers guest collection #193

September 2022
Fall crocus on high ground
On the road to Santiago de Compostela
Ann Rhee Menzie

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