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A prayer for Taiwan, Japan, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Alaska, eastern Kentucky, and all places dealing with disasters and their aftermath

God of all creation, 

when the earth shakes,

you are God. 

When the waters rage,

you are God. 

When winds howl and rains batter,

you are God. 

When floods rise and power fails, 

you are God. 

In all your children face, endure, and experience,

you are God. 

Present with us. 

Sharing our situation. 

Offering support. . 

When your children stand in need,

you are God

Provide comfort to those who mourn,

healing for those who are injured,

strength to those who respond first,

guidance for those who extend care,

and compassion and wisdom for all who help rebuild. 

Inspire all nations and peoples,

inspire us

to reach out in ways that help your children, our siblings, wherever they may be. 

In Jesus’ name we pray. 


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Una oración en un dia de tormentas

(translated by Marissa Galván)
Dios del viento, 
Dios del sol, 
Dios de la lluvia, 
Dios de la furia, 
Dios de la calma, 
Dios de la tormenta, 
oramos por lugares, pueblos y criaturas 
que hacen frente a climas severod. 
Te pedimos por Alaska 
en donde la gente se enfrenta 
A los remanentes del Tifón Merbok; 
Te pedimos por Puerto Rico y las Islas Vírgenes, 
y por Guadalupe y otras islas del Caribe 
en donde acecha la Tormenta Tropical Fiona; 
y por los lugares y lospueblos 
que se enfrentan a tormentas 
que no sabemos o conocemos. 
Tanto en Alaska, como en Puerto Rico, 
y en cada lugar y todo lugar, 
protege a las personas y a tus criaturas, 
dirige a quienes toman medidas para aumentar la seguridad, 
da fortaleza a las personas que responden y a las que se preparan para responder, 
e inspira a las naciones y organizaciones del mundo 
para que proporcionen la asistencia adecuada. 
Esto lo pedimos en el nombre de Jesús 
que calmó la tormenta. 
A prayer on a day of stormsAmén.

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A prayer on a day of storms

God of the wind,

God of the sun,

God of the rain,

God of the fury,

God of the calm,

God of the storm,

we pray for places, peoples, and creatures

facing severe weather.

For Alaska as the people face

the remnants of Typhoon Merbok;

for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands,

and for Guadeloupe and other islands in the Caribbean

where Tropical Storm Fiona prowls;

and for places and peoples

who face storms of which we are unaware.

In Alaska,

in Puerto Rico,

in each place and every place,

protect the people and your creatures,

guide those who take steps to increase safety,

strengthen those who respond, and who are preparing to respond,

inspire the nations and organizations of the world

to provide appropriate assistance.

This we pray in the name of Jesus

who stilled a storm.


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