7 May 2021

Stretching. Gym in the apartment. NK Body Philosophy.
Walking. Germantown.
Oozora De Dakishimete – Hikaru Utada
xoxo moongirl – Mel Hsu
Dream – Priscilla Ahn
Raag Jag (Mvmt 1) – Awaaz Do
Winter Is Cruel – Magdalen Hsu-Li
Pontchartrain – Vienna Teng
Shakti – Awaaz Do
Summer of ’42 – Kishi Bashi
The Beginning – TOKiMONSTA
FREE INTERLUDE – Yaeji (feat. Lil Fayo, Trenchcoat & Sweet Pea)
Flu Shot – Awkwafina
ANIMAL CROSSING – Shawn Wasabi & Sophia Black
Peace Anthem – Sera
Astral Angel – Lucia Hwong


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Filed under Current Events, Exercise, Louisville, Music, playlist

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