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photo (10)We stopped today at a tea house near the Nakdong River. In that beautiful setting, we drank and drank different types of tea prepared and served by the owner. Teacups, teapots, and tea surrounded us, placed on the rugged wood design of the interior.

Only at the end did I learn that the tea was caffeine free. I had a great time at the tea house and have managed to stay awake despite that.

See you along the Trail.

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Lent 43: Help

Adam and Sean moving board

New Orleans, Louisiana
28 December 2009

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Korea Update

I am well and having a great time. For some reason, I am having issues posting from my computer. This is from my phone. Hopefully that will change soon and I can get back to boring you.

See you along the Trail.

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Lent 42: Light


New York, New York
13 March 2013

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The door closes, the light remains off

The door closes. The light remains off.
All good things …
The management of The Shire, Louisville’s finest half-star bed (you’re on your own for breakfast – Starbucks is down the road), wishes to inform you that, as of 22 March 2013, we have ceased operations and sold The Shire.

You will be pleased to know that the Sackville-Bagginses did not obtain the property. We certainly were.

However, the new owner, while extremely excited to purchase such a unique and valuable property, does not plan to operate The Shire as a half-star bed (you’re on your own for breakfast – Starbucks is down the road). Thus, you will need to find other arrangements when the Trail brings you to the Louisville area. Of course nothing you find will match the non-existent, exacting standards of The Shire. But do the best you can.

Know that The Shire management deeply appreciated the patronage of each guest. We appreciated those of you who wish you could have stayed at the Shire but who never did. For those who wanted no part of the Shire … well so be it.

We wish you all safe travels and peaceful, joy-filled rest.

Thank you for a great journey!

The door closes. The light remains off.

… come to an end.

See you along the Trail.

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Purple flowers, St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephens Green, May 4, 2012

On our final day in Dublin,
for this trip,
we visited St.Stephen’s Green
where we saw ducks,
busts of Joyce and Markievicz
a Boer War arch,
a statue of Tone,
reminders of the Famine,
and purple flowers.

St. Stephen’s Green
Dublin, Ireland

4 May 2012

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Lent 41: Rejoice


Gwangju, Republic of Korea
19 March 2013

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Lent 40, Palm Sunday: Blessed

New look shire

For nearly ten years,
I called the Shire in Louisville
In a world where too many people
have no safe place,
I am blessed to have several places to call home.

12 April 2012
Louisville, Kentucky

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Fellowship of the Shire

Originally posted about a year ago,
it seems appropriate to repost this one
in the aftermath of the sale of the Shire.

No rings, no wizards,
no reforged broken swords,
not even a walk to Mordor,
where of course no one simply walks,
but a fellowship nonetheless graced
the halls of the Shire.
Rooted in minimalist hospitality,
this fellowship of family and friends
knitted together over food and games,
movies and song,
conversation and camaraderie,
Jameson and other libations;
never present all at the same time,
always present in spirit,
the fellowship of the Shire
blesses me daily,
graces my living
and travels with me
wherever the ongoing road might lead.

In the hope that the Fellowship of the Shire has meant
and means as much to the other members
as it has and does to me.
The Shire, Louisville
19 April 2012


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24 March 2013, Republic of Korea

I had the privilege and honor of preaching on Palm Sunday in the Cheongju Jeil Presbyterian Church. Founded in 1904, this church is the “Mother Church” to many other congregations in the area. Pastor Lee’s family provided a wonderful lunch after the service.

A visit to the Korean Folk Village in the city of Yongin in the Seoul Metropolitan Area followed. We spent over two hours and closed down the living museum, but we barely scratched the surface of things to see and do.

A fairly straightforward, most excellent day.

See you along the Trail.

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