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24 August 2021

Walking. Slow jogging. Falling. Scraping knee. Germantown.
Stretching. Gym in the Apartment.
Kahua O Mali’o – Kahua
Hewlett – Planxty
Zydeco X – Beausoleil
Never in Vain – Bloodkin
Small Miracles – Eric Bogle
Mirror Me – Shawnee
Radetsky March, Op. 228 – New York Philharmonic
From the Gutter to the Whitehouse – The Wakes
Dreamer – Prince
Seven Years – Natalie Merchant
The Island – Paul Brady
DO YOU LOVE HER – Jessie Reyes
We Three – Patti Smith Group
More Love – Abraham Jam
Within the Rocks – Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai

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