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Letters combine, collide, dance
still fail to make a word.

Do they notice?
Do they feel unfulfilled?

These letters strung together
piling up beside each other

yet creating nothing
providing no meaning?

10 February 2012
Shire near the Hudson

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Christmas vacation 2011, the early days

Harry Potter 2011 Blu Ray Years 1-8 Box Set Cover

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I arrived in Cleveland on December 15, bringing with me a major cold. Recovery has happened.

Eric’s graduation remains the highlight of the first week. The Steelers loss to the 49ers has been the low point, although sharing the misery with Laura and Abraham helped.

Lots of work has taken place. With Eric’s help, I have begun to walk again – walk for self-care. I have a goal of 10,000 steps. The last couple days, I have met that goal. Richmond Town Square has been amazingly empty both in terms of stores and in terms of people shopping.

We visited Phoenix Coffee and took some to Noble Road Presbyterian Church to drink with Carol.

We have started a Harry Potter marathon (not on Blu-Ray, despite the image). Each of the last three evenings, we have viewed one of the movies. The next one may not happen until early next week. Sean arrives home tonight, then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day follow.

While viewing, we have engaged in a Scrabble competition. We do not keep records, but each of us has won some and lost some.

All in all, a pretty good start.

See you along the Trail.

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Signifcant witness and not-so significant games

Went to Noble Road for worship today. Communion was celebrated – Eric helped serve – always cool to be present when that happens.

For a number of years, Noble Road has done “Epiphany Stars.” These are simple star shapes cut from paper. On the paper is written a word. People are invited to take a star and receive the word on that star as a gift from God – to reflect on it through the year – to see if and how the quality or meaning of that word plays out in the coming year.

Before people receive a star, there is an invitation to reflect on the stars of the previous year. Only a couple of people share reflections but they are usually profound. This year was no exception. One person received the gift of “courage” and had to find the courage to move – leaving behind a home of 56 years – and making a new start because of health reasons. Another person spoke through tears of receiving the star of “loyalty” – of having that star for two years – and of spending those two years saying a long good-bye to a partner who disappeared into the horror we know as Alzheimer’s.

Such witnesses – such experiences – make the rest of the day seem insignificant.

Football was watched – with the VanRoosDales and MillerBrandts coming to watch the Steelers-Browns on the new TV. In terms of support, the crowd leaned a little bit toward the Browns. As the game progressed and the Steelers dominated, some of the neutral folks shifted toward the Cleveland camp. Texting with Bridgett and Valerie helped to balance the odds and increased the fun.

The Packers-Bears were next with the Packers prevailing. Basketball then took the stage with the Cavaliers losing. Duke was playing tonight but was not broadcast in Cleveland and for some reason, the Winking Lizard was not showing it either. So Tricia followed it on her Android phone.

Scrabble was played again with Tricia winning one; Eric winning two; and Eric and I tying on the fourth game.

During all of this, I did laundry and some packing.

Tomorrow – travel to NYC and the Shire on the Hudson. Back to work on Tuesday.

And tomorrow marks the beginning (again – the previous times have been practice – can this be the real thing) of working for health goals.

See you along the Trail.

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Of the tube and goals

Managed to wake up earlier today – 9:30 or so. But spent most of the day vegetating in front of the TV. Started with a portion of The Alamo – the 2004 version with Billy Bob Thornton and Jason Patrick and some others. I prefer the John Wayne version.

Football followed – a disastrous day for the Big Ten. A great win for Texas Christian. SEC domination. Penn State started well against Florida but faded. I still wonder if it is not time for Jon Pa to retire; I have been wondering that for a few years.

The evening brought the Winter Classic hockey game – and the Penguins lost. That means both teams I care about lost. Connecticut appears a bit overmatched against Oklahoma – knew that going in.

Played Scrabble once again. Eric won two. I did pick up one. But Eric has won more than his share – or at least some of my share – over this vacation.

Another day of overeating with pizza ordered in and cookies sought out. My plan is to adjust my eating starting on Monday. We have folks coming in to watch the Steelers tomorrow – well later today.

Goals for new year – starting Monday
Daily – eating well
Daily – 10,000 steps
Weekly – 5 times of exercise
Monthly – 10 pounds weight loss
Monthly – 333,333 steps
Monthly – 90% normal blood sugar readings
Annual – 120 pounds weight loss
Annual – 4,000,000 steps

The daily steps don’t add up to the monthly or yearly steps – I will have to figure that out.

Not sure what the rewards will be – have to figure those out.

See you along the Trail.

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Games played; games watched

Today was a games day – once everyone woke up.

We played Scrabble – Sean designed an Excel spreadsheet score card. Pretty cool.

Eric continued to win – I may have picked up one.

Sean left for CLE to return to Madison. I haven’t checked his schedule but I assume he is there by now. Eric went to Solon to hang with his cousins. They enjoy doing that.

This led to me watching football. NC State beat WVU – thought the Mountaineers might do better. The Vikings upset the Eagles – did not see that one coming. Iowa and Missouri are now playing – Iowa has the lead which is a surprise – but good for those who once lived in Diagonal.

Slipped some work in between Sean leaving and football beginning. During commercials and long half-time shows, I watched a fair hunk of the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Tomorrow – another day to sleep in – another day to do some work.

See you along the Trail.

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Lazy day

Slept in today. I knew I would after last night’s marathon Scrabble playing with the family. Two games. Four players. Eric won one. I won one. But they were both close (my win was even closer) and they were tautly played – keeping us awake until about 2:00 a.m. It’s a Wonderful Life was on in the background as we played.

I had promised some folks that I would see them after church, but I simply knew there was no way I would get up. And I did not. I will try to call tomorrow and see about making it up to them.

I had a fairly significant (and nice) gift to return – because I had already purchased the item. Our conversation over the Scrabble board focused on what we should do with the return. The decision was made to purchase an HDTV for downstairs in Cleveland. Conspicuous consumption in anticipation of football watching. We would cobble together the return plus a couple of gift cards to come up with the needed funds.

Eric made it up for church at Noble Road. I got up about 11:15 or so. Sean was already up and we decided to visit Best Buy and get a TV, hoping to accomplish the task before the Browns game. Traffic proved surprisingly light and the crowd at the store quite manageable. The desired TV was sold out, but we found an alternative. It was purchased – some work needs to be done to activate one of the gift cards – the return trip was uneventful. Sean and I got the TV put up and attached to the cable in time for the second or third play of the Browns game. I rooted for the Browns as their winning would have been in the Steelers’ best interest. Their losing, which is what happened, was not.

Sean headed off for a party with friends; Tricia took a nap. Eric and I watched the Packers crush the Giants and the Cavaliers lose a tough one. Bummer.

The TV should get quite a workout this week with all the football. Then, probably not so much until Sean, Eric, or I return.

See you along the Trail.

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