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A good remembering

I spent the last couple of days in Louisville. When I moved to Manhattan, I removed the WiFi and cable from the Shire near the Ohio. I don’t regret that decision, but it led to some privileged whining on my part.

The lack of cable proves no great loss. I have a DVD player there (purchased years ago for me by Sean and Eric) and a television set: a very, very small television set as people have repeatedly said. But it works and a trip to Half Price Books yielded a number of movies to view: Andersonville, Valkyrie, Wyatt Earp, and  Pirates of the Caribbean 4. They made for good entertainment.

But, multitasking became a major challenge. An air card seemed a good way to access the Internet. It would allow work to proceed while movies played in the background (which makes for all sorts of surprises as different viewings reveal different aspects of the movie).

For whatever reason or reasons, the air card did not function well. This resulted in a great deal of whining and complaining on my part.

After a bit of scenery-chewing and some texts to family and friends, I realized the foolishness of my complaints. In a world where children hunger, people have no work, illness strikes, war rages, exploitation occurs, violations happen, my problems came from a privileged position. Annoying problems. But trivial compared to what so many others face. And embarrassing.

A good remembering – not a learning – I already knew that. A good remembering. Hopefully in the future, I will remember sooner.

See you along the Trail.

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August 2011 movie marathon

Eric and I went to the local Blockbusters early in the week. Amazingly enough, it was still open. We picked up a number of used videos.

We had some challenges – the DVD player downstairs in Cleveland Heights is definitely deceased – it is not pining for fjords or anywhere else – it is definitely an ex-DVD player.

We started trying to watch The King’s Speech. It skipped and finally froze about 40 minutes into the movie. Then we tried Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It too skipped. Shortly after we decided that we now had two DVDs to return, Eric remembered that the problem was most likely with the player. Tricia came downstairs shortly after that and, in response to our whining, said, “Yes, it has been broken for some time. I never use it.”

Eric then brought down his DVD player – which he will take to Bowling Green and the marathon began in earnest.

We doubled back to The King’s Speech  and Pirates 2. True Grit (Coen brothers version) started yesterday, followed by Stalag 17 with The A-Team next in line. Today began with The Visitor. A break followed during which I listened to a rather pathetic effort by the Steelers – they lost their first preseason game – and the score could have been worse. Harry Potter 6  is now being viewed.

An interesting mix of classics, newbies, and fluff along with some incredible performances.

Tomorrow I head to Louisville and will need to take some with me to watch while I hang out at the Shire near the Ohio.

See you along the Trail.

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Nothing captures my interest
as I surf through channels,
more than I can count;
The King’s Speech,
Pirates of the Caribbean,
and other new to me used DVDs sit useless:
the player is dead –
it must be time for bed.

11 August 2011
Cleveland Heights, OH

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Games played; games watched

Today was a games day – once everyone woke up.

We played Scrabble – Sean designed an Excel spreadsheet score card. Pretty cool.

Eric continued to win – I may have picked up one.

Sean left for CLE to return to Madison. I haven’t checked his schedule but I assume he is there by now. Eric went to Solon to hang with his cousins. They enjoy doing that.

This led to me watching football. NC State beat WVU – thought the Mountaineers might do better. The Vikings upset the Eagles – did not see that one coming. Iowa and Missouri are now playing – Iowa has the lead which is a surprise – but good for those who once lived in Diagonal.

Slipped some work in between Sean leaving and football beginning. During commercials and long half-time shows, I watched a fair hunk of the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Tomorrow – another day to sleep in – another day to do some work.

See you along the Trail.

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