Of the tube and goals

Managed to wake up earlier today – 9:30 or so. But spent most of the day vegetating in front of the TV. Started with a portion of The Alamo – the 2004 version with Billy Bob Thornton and Jason Patrick and some others. I prefer the John Wayne version.

Football followed – a disastrous day for the Big Ten. A great win for Texas Christian. SEC domination. Penn State started well against Florida but faded. I still wonder if it is not time for Jon Pa to retire; I have been wondering that for a few years.

The evening brought the Winter Classic hockey game – and the Penguins lost. That means both teams I care about lost. Connecticut appears a bit overmatched against Oklahoma – knew that going in.

Played Scrabble once again. Eric won two. I did pick up one. But Eric has won more than his share – or at least some of my share – over this vacation.

Another day of overeating with pizza ordered in and cookies sought out. My plan is to adjust my eating starting on Monday. We have folks coming in to watch the Steelers tomorrow – well later today.

Goals for new year – starting Monday
Daily – eating well
Daily – 10,000 steps
Weekly – 5 times of exercise
Monthly – 10 pounds weight loss
Monthly – 333,333 steps
Monthly – 90% normal blood sugar readings
Annual – 120 pounds weight loss
Annual – 4,000,000 steps

The daily steps don’t add up to the monthly or yearly steps – I will have to figure that out.

Not sure what the rewards will be – have to figure those out.

See you along the Trail.

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