Signifcant witness and not-so significant games

Went to Noble Road for worship today. Communion was celebrated – Eric helped serve – always cool to be present when that happens.

For a number of years, Noble Road has done “Epiphany Stars.” These are simple star shapes cut from paper. On the paper is written a word. People are invited to take a star and receive the word on that star as a gift from God – to reflect on it through the year – to see if and how the quality or meaning of that word plays out in the coming year.

Before people receive a star, there is an invitation to reflect on the stars of the previous year. Only a couple of people share reflections but they are usually profound. This year was no exception. One person received the gift of “courage” and had to find the courage to move – leaving behind a home of 56 years – and making a new start because of health reasons. Another person spoke through tears of receiving the star of “loyalty” – of having that star for two years – and of spending those two years saying a long good-bye to a partner who disappeared into the horror we know as Alzheimer’s.

Such witnesses – such experiences – make the rest of the day seem insignificant.

Football was watched – with the VanRoosDales and MillerBrandts coming to watch the Steelers-Browns on the new TV. In terms of support, the crowd leaned a little bit toward the Browns. As the game progressed and the Steelers dominated, some of the neutral folks shifted toward the Cleveland camp. Texting with Bridgett and Valerie helped to balance the odds and increased the fun.

The Packers-Bears were next with the Packers prevailing. Basketball then took the stage with the Cavaliers losing. Duke was playing tonight but was not broadcast in Cleveland and for some reason, the Winking Lizard was not showing it either. So Tricia followed it on her Android phone.

Scrabble was played again with Tricia winning one; Eric winning two; and Eric and I tying on the fourth game.

During all of this, I did laundry and some packing.

Tomorrow – travel to NYC and the Shire on the Hudson. Back to work on Tuesday.

And tomorrow marks the beginning (again – the previous times have been practice – can this be the real thing) of working for health goals.

See you along the Trail.

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