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It is a wonderful life

IAWL pictureA Christmas tradition took place today – a viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life. I don’t remember when I first watched it, but I try to see it at least once each year.

At some point, we taped a television broadcast of it. When we wore out the tape a couple years back, we purchased a DVD.

Recognizing the unabashed sentimentality of the film, I still find something each time I view it. I do not pretend my insights are profound or unique or creative or new. They simply are what I take away from that particular viewing.

Today’s message: friends and family make life wonderful. Whatever else life may bring, the people in our lives – the people in my life – matter immensely.

This post is thus a way to say thank you to my family and friends! It is a blessing to share this wonderful life with you. I hope you realize how grateful I am.

See you along the Trail.

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Lazy day

Slept in today. I knew I would after last night’s marathon Scrabble playing with the family. Two games. Four players. Eric won one. I won one. But they were both close (my win was even closer) and they were tautly played – keeping us awake until about 2:00 a.m. It’s a Wonderful Life was on in the background as we played.

I had promised some folks that I would see them after church, but I simply knew there was no way I would get up. And I did not. I will try to call tomorrow and see about making it up to them.

I had a fairly significant (and nice) gift to return – because I had already purchased the item. Our conversation over the Scrabble board focused on what we should do with the return. The decision was made to purchase an HDTV for downstairs in Cleveland. Conspicuous consumption in anticipation of football watching. We would cobble together the return plus a couple of gift cards to come up with the needed funds.

Eric made it up for church at Noble Road. I got up about 11:15 or so. Sean was already up and we decided to visit Best Buy and get a TV, hoping to accomplish the task before the Browns game. Traffic proved surprisingly light and the crowd at the store quite manageable. The desired TV was sold out, but we found an alternative. It was purchased – some work needs to be done to activate one of the gift cards – the return trip was uneventful. Sean and I got the TV put up and attached to the cable in time for the second or third play of the Browns game. I rooted for the Browns as their winning would have been in the Steelers’ best interest. Their losing, which is what happened, was not.

Sean headed off for a party with friends; Tricia took a nap. Eric and I watched the Packers crush the Giants and the Cavaliers lose a tough one. Bummer.

The TV should get quite a workout this week with all the football. Then, probably not so much until Sean, Eric, or I return.

See you along the Trail.

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