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Advent 23: Neighbors

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24 February 2007
Manhattan, New York

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The Trail led to Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church in Kensington, Maryland this weekend.

Today the congregation held an intergenerational all-church retreat. I had the privilege to help lead the retreat working with gracious and talented staff members Jan Moody, John Horman, and Kirby Lawrence Hill.

About thirty-five people participated in the retreat. And they participated fully.

We considered the topic of why and how followers of Jesus engage in witness and advocacy in the public arena, that part of life where the decisions that shape and guide our common life.

Red Hands WarnerI am grateful

  • for the welcome I received
  • that thirty-five people were willing to give up the better part of a Saturday
  • that the participants were willing to try what I suggested
  • for the participants’ creativity
  • for how working together spurred greater creativity and deeper insights
  • for acting and writing and directing skills tapped as the participants created presentations for each other
  • for relationships made and deepened
  • that participants made over fifty Red Hands to call for an end to the exploitation of children as solders

I am grateful.

See you along the Trail.

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Inertia or love?

Never did he leave,
steadfast he remained;
question haunts her still:
inertia or love?

16 August 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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Other choices

Forever he will wonder
how his life might have changed
had he chose to turned back that day and stay –
or if not to stay –
at least to say what was in his heart.

Now, years later,
each night he lies awake,
in the small hours of a morning,
delightful images dance in his mind as he
invents scenarios of what might have been.

Yet in some of those still, small hours,
before he reluctantly surrenders to sleep,
he grudgingly concedes
that greater joy no doubt lies in in his imagination
than would have been realized through other choices.

4-5 August 2011
SW 163 MDW – LGA
Shire on the Hudson

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Do you know?

Do you know
what fills my mind,
what shimmers in my heart?

Do you know
what I think,
what I feel?

Do you know
what I bear,
how much I care?

Do my deeds reveal?
Do my actions show?
Do you know?

4 August 2011
SW 163 MDW – LGA

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Like a green shoot of vine
that wraps around a stone,
clinging patiently until the rock cracks,
there are people who,
seeing something, sensing something in me
beyond my comprehension,
choose the path of relationship,
tenaciously engaging me
until my heart cracks
and they become a part of me

4 August 2011
SW 163, MDW – LGA

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“Jump,” he said.

His khakis neatly pressed,
the white man held the copper coin
just above the outstretched fingers
of the small black child
whose ragged jeans flapped in the breeze
as he vainly sought
to reach the treasure.
“Jump,” they say.
Suffocating in affluence,
they hold up meager morsels –
paltry offerings, contingent upon their whims –
to sisters and brothers in need,
forcing them into games they do not understand
to obtain the pittance
which may allow them to survive.
“Jump,” we say.
The rich, the powerful, the strong:
unwilling to challenge the status quo
seeking not justice
which recognizes relatedness
and brings enlivening co-equality
but offering only the charity
which demeans, denies, degrades.

8 September – 10 September, 2001

 Pinetown, South Africa and Louisville

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