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Easter, 2015

The world looks much the same;
horror, hatred, evil still remain.
Yet somehow, somehow all has changed.
Christ is risen!
May we experience and live
the Easter message
today and all days.

5 April 2015
Louisville, Kentucky

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Come tomorrow

I knew Mary Mikhael before, but what we did together today – or more accurately what I witnessed her do – has forged a new level of friendship.

Mary is from the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon.  Until 2011, she served as the president of the Near East School of Theology in Beirut. After her retirement,the church has named her their interpreter and communicator in this time of tragedy and crisis for the people of Syria.

Today Mary and I went from New York to DC to meet five legislators and a State Department Official. Catherine Gordon in the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness arranged the visits.

I am now standing, well actually I am sitting on a train back to NYC, in awe of Mary’s courage and grace and strength as she told the story of heartbreak and horror and hope six times. A story she has lived. A story she is living. A story that develops as she tells it. She is exhausted and sleeps beside me.

Come tomorrow, she will again tell the story of the people and church of Syria. This time she will tell the story for a video project and in the UN community.

Come tomorrow, she will recall and relieve the tragedy.

Come tomorrow, she will renew the hope.

Come tomorrow, she will again exhaust herself in witness to her faith and on behalf of her people and church and country.

Come tomorrow, I will again stand in awe.

Come tomorrow, I will weep and smile and pray for peace and justice.

Come tomorrow.

See you along the Trail.


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Silent witness

Faced with horror
beyond my reckoning,
yet possible within
the imagination and execution
of others, I stand

Easy words and quick answers
do not pass my lips;
no facile explanations offered;
yet never do I turn

With battered heart and tear-filled eyes,
with bruised soul and deep sighs,
I watch and listen
as I grieve and ache – I bear

22 July 2012
DL 1776


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Did Micah know?

Micah, did you know –

in order to
love kindness,
do justice,
walk humbly with God,

we have to
face evil unspeakable,
confront horror unfathomable,
carry pain unbearable?


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Only by confronting the evil,
however monstrous,
however banal;

only by facing the horror,
however terrifying,
however agonizing;

only by feeling the pain,
however shallow,
however deep;

only by remembering the act,
however shocking,
however shameful;

only by acknowledging the loss,
however great,
however small;

only then
can grace
break through.

18 April 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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