12 May 2022

Walking. Stretching. Gym in the Apartment.
firebird – Mel Hsu
Save Me – ZHU feat, Herizen
Yuunagi – Hikaru Utada
After All – Jennifer Chung
Anxiety – Giraffage
Yellow Pearl – “Charlie” Chin, Chris Kando Iijima & Joanne Nobuko Miyamoto
Jawn Cage – Heems, feat. Rafiq Bhatia
Under the blue/Take Me in – Hayley Kiyoko
So Far Gone – Madgalen Hsu-Li
Speak – Jhene Aiko
Panini Pua Kia – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Missing Me – TRACE
MEDICINE – Shawn Wasabi, feat. Tia Scola
NYC Bitches – Awkwafina
Dusty Stars – TOKIMONSTA
Stomping Ground – Emily Wurramara


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Filed under Exercise, Louisville, Music, playlist

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