30 April 2022

Walking. Stretching. Germantown. Gym in the Apartment.
Orubaba – Angelique Kidjo
What Is This Feeling – Wicked
So Long Ago – Nanci Griffith
Say Goodbye – Eva Cassidy
Whole Lotta Loving – Fats Domino
Starman – David Bowie
Check the Rhime – A Tribe Called Quest
Frank and Jesse James – Warren Zevon
Leaving Winslow – Jackson Browne
Eriskay Love Lilt – Paul Robeson
The Great Peace March – Holly Near
The Calloway Boogie – Cab Calloway
In the Still of the Night – Della Reese
Deportee – Peter, Paul & Mary
Mary’s Joint – Mary J. Blige
Fenians – Seanchai & The Unity Squad


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Filed under Exercise, Louisville, Music, playlist

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