19 November 2020

Stretching. Gym in the apartment. NK Body Philosophy.
Walking. Gym in the apartment.
Joe Hill – Bill Bragg, Chris Thompson & Wiggy
The Tramp – John McCutcheon
Where the Fraser River Flows – John McCutcheon
Joe Hill – Joan Baez
Joe Hill’s Ashes – Mark Levy
Casey Jones (The Union Scab) – Pete Seeger & Song Swappers
It’s a Long Way to the Soup Line – John McCutcheon
Joe Hill’s Last Will – John McCutcheon
Pie In the Sky – Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips
What We Want – John McCutcheon
The Preacher and the Slave – John McCutcheon
Overalls & Snuff / The Connaughtman’s Rambles – John McCutcheon-
Paper Heart – Si Kahn
The Wooden Shoe / Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay – John McCutcheon
The Rebel Girl – Hazel Dickens
We Will Sing One Song – Joe Glazer
Stung Right – John McCutcheon
There is Power in a Union – Entertainment Workers IU 630, Utah Phillips
Joe Hill – Paul Robeson


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