10 October 2019

There are days when I don’t feel like working out and I push myself and get the workout done. Today  the music pulled me through.

I did not want to work out; in part I blame the flu shot I received early this morning. But I had already made my playlist. This would have been my father’s birthday (he died in 1974). His taught high school band and then became a school administrator. But he kept his hands in music, directing among other groups a community band. For a couple of years I played baritone horn in the band. This playlist consists of songs the band played. Except as otherwise noted, all the songs are by Leonard Bernstein and the  New York Philharmonic – one of my dad’s favorite groups.

Gym at the Shire.
Treadmill. Walking. Core work. Stretching.
Scotland the Brave – The Isle of Cumbrae Pipe Band (we played this one with a pipe band in Grove City)
The Thunderer
Washington Post
Hands Across the Sea
Under the Double Eagle
The  British Grenadiers
The National Emblem
March of the Toreadors from Carmen
Grand March from Aida
Colonel Bogey

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