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25 November 2019

Treadmill. Stretching. Blink.
Q.U.E.E.N. – Janelle Monáe, feat. Erykah Badu
No – Shakira
Control – Janet Jackson
Say Her Name – Bear Fox
Break the Chain – One Billion Rising
One Woman: A Song for UN Women – Various
Confident – Demi Lovato
You’ve Got to Run – Buffy Sainte-Marie & Tanya Tagaq
Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya
Red Dress – Amanda Rheaume, feat. Chantal Kreviazuk
Follow Your Arrow – Kacey Musgraves
Fight Like a Girl – Kalie Shorr
I Get Out – Lauryn Hill
We Are Rising – Taína Asili
My Revolution Lives in This Body – Rosario Dawson

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Yes means yes, no means no

highlight-fact-evaw-en-244 pngI read  The Guardian report that “One in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence from their partner, while 7% will be assaulted at some point in their lives by a non-partner.” A new series of papers in the Lancet provides the source. The World Health Organization and UN Women report similar figures to document further the violence women endure.

And my tears flow.

I recognize that only a portion of the sexual and physical violence against women is reported.

And I wonder.

I wonder about what I have done and left undone. I wonder about what I will do. And I wonder if I have taught my sons and other men well enough not to rape and to challenge rape culture.

In my speaking and my acting, have I said clearly enough:

People, all people, all people of every sexual orientation and gender identity, are precious and to be treated with dignity and respect.

Rape and sexual violence are wrong. Don’t rape. Don’t commit sexual violence.

Yes means yes. Sexual relations must be consensual. Without consent, sexual contact is rape. No nuances. No maybes. Consent. Freely given. Yes means yes.

No means no. Whenever no is said. No matter how many yeses may have preceded it. No means no.

No circumstances justify rape or sexual violence. None. No one “asks” to be raped. No one “deserves” to be raped. No circumstances!

Each person is a human being. No one, no group of people, are objects to be exploited for other people’s pleasure.

Believe someone who says they have been raped or violated sexually. Alleged perpetrators deserve their day in court. But too often people who report rape are automatically discounted and discredited. That needs to stop. Perhaps there are a few false reports. The overwhelming, overwhelming majority are not. It takes enormous courage to come forward and report a violation. We need to have the decency to listen and believe. We need to make sure that systems and structures are in place to support those who report abuse and to make sure full investigations followed, when appropriate, by trials or other legal measures, take place.

Patriarchy must be dismantled. Masculinity redefined. Ideas of control and power and violence that combine to fuel rape must be re-imagined and replaced with ideas of mutuality and equality.

Intervene. If you witness rape or sexual violation happening or about to happen, say something. Do something. Report. AND say something when you hear people objectify or describe about others inappropriately. Or express a desire to treat others inappropriately.  Or tell jokes that demean or degrade people sexually.

People, all people, all people of every sexual orientation and gender identity, are precious and to be treated with dignity and respect.

I wonder. And I hope and pray that I have taught my sons and others well. I hope and pray that I will continue to do so. I hope and pray that I will work to end rape culture and honor all people.

See you along the Trail.


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Orange Your Neighbourhood – End Violence against Women and Girls Now


adapted from an email sent by UN Women’s Civil Society Section and originally published on Swords into Plowshares

November 25 is the International Day to End Violence against Women and the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign! As you may know, this year’s UN celebrations will take place under the theme “Orange Your Neighbourhood – End Violence against Women and Girls Now“. The initiative led by the Secretary-General’s UNiTE campaign focuses on local actions towards ending violence against women and girls, while using orange as the uniting colour of all advocacy efforts.

As part of  the online campaign for the 16 Days, UN Women’s Civil Society invites everyone to join in the effort and orange their social media accounts. It’s quite simple – you can show your support and orange your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures by adding an orange Twibbon filter.

Could consider adding the Twibbon filter to your organization’s and/or personal profile picture any time between 25 November and 10 December to raise awareness on ending violence against women and girls. We can join the conversation on social media through the hashtags #orangeurhood and #16days, and are welcome to use any of the suggested messages and images available in UN Women’s social media package.

Learn more about the PC(USA)’s initiative to end violence against women and girls.

Presbyterians against Domestic Violence provides a number of liturgical and resources to address domestic violence.

Presbyterian Women offers suggestions for actions to end violence against women and girls year round.

See you along the Trail

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