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20 November 2021

Stretching. NK Body Philosophy. Walking. Goochland
For Marsha P. Johnson – Bryce Dessner
Boy Girl Wonder – Bitch and Animal
Queer – Garbage
You Are My Sister – Antony & The Johnsons
Who Am I to Feel So Free – JD Samson & MEN
Lola – The Kinks
I Wonder What Happened To Him – Noël Coward
Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Against Me!
I Am Her – Shea Diamond
Candy Says – The Velvet Underground
iT – Christine and the Queens
Warrior Heart – Shawnee
Dark Passenger – The Cliks
Wig in a Box – Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Cameron – Jillette Johnson
We’re the Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata
A Girl Called Johnny – The Waterboys
El Lado Mas Bestia de la Vida – Albert Pia
Now That the Buffalo’s Gone – Buffy Sainte-Marie
American Indian Movement Song – Blackfire
Alcatraz – Redbone
Alcatraz (Pelican Island) – Malvina Reynolds
ALie Nation – A Tribe Called Red, feat. John Trudell, Lido Pimienta, Tanya Tagaq, & Northern Voice)
Never Say Never – Romeo Void

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We Won’t Be Erased

Alex Patchin McNeill, Executive Director of More Light Presbyterians, has written a powerful post responiding to “the ways in which the Trump Administration is working to ‘define transgender people out of existence.'”

Read the article. Read the whole article!

But here are some suggestions on how to support trans people and to make sure no one is erased.


  • If you’re looking for some more education to increase your confidence in engaging around trans inclusion, we recently released Connecting the Dots Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation as a two-part video series. It’s a great way to learn more so you can help push back against transgender erasure. Check it out here: https://mlp.org/connecting-the-dots-gender-identity-and-sexual-orientation/

  • Worship can be a great way to be sure people in your congregation know that God loves trans people just as they are. This weekend, consider naming trans and non-binary people in the prayers of the people, or in your sermon. You could even read part of the GA overture “Affirming and Celebrating the Full Dignity and Humanity of People of All Gender Identities” as part of worship:

    • Standing in the conviction that all people are created in the image of God and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for all people, the 223rd General Assembly affirms its commitment to the full welcome, acceptance, and inclusion of transgender people, people who identify as gender non-binary, and people of all gender identities within the full life of the church and the world. The Assembly affirms the full dignity and the full humanity of transgender people, their full inclusion in all human rights, and their giftedness for service. The Assembly affirms the church’s obligation to stand for the right of people of all gender identities to live free from discrimination, violence, and every form of injustice. Making these affirmations, the Assembly acknowledges that the church has fallen short of these commitments and obligations. In the world and in the Church, transgender people too often experience and suffer discrimination and violence.  The church has failed to understand fully and to celebrate adequately the full spectrum of gender embodied in God’s creation. As a result, we have participated in systemic and targeted discrimination against transgender people, and we have been complicit in violence against them. The Assembly affirms the scriptural obligation to work for justice for all God’s children, and particularly here to work for justice for people of all gender identities. We have fallen short of this obligation, and – by the grace of God – commit ourselves to do better.
  • Support transgender led organizations working hard to preserve and promote trans lives. Most transgender led organizations run on a shoestring budget, whether you support them with your dollars or even sharing about them with people in your life, a little goes a long way.

    • More Light Presbyterians: Yes! We are a trans-led and run organization working to center the voices of those often silenced in churches.
    • Trans LifeLine, fighting the epidemic of trans suicide and improve overall life-outcomes of trans people by facilitating justice-oriented, collective community aid
    • Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement founded at the beginning of 2014 by trans and queer immigrants, undocumented and allies, youth leaders and parents which organizes, educates, and advocates for the issues most important to our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) and Latino communities
    • Sylvia Rivera Law Project: SLRP works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine their gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination, or violence. SRLP is a collective organization founded on the understanding that gender self-determination is inextricably intertwined with racial, social and economic justice.
  • Immerse yourself in positive representations of trans and non-binary folks to explore the big, beautiful world of trans-created art.

    • Them: I’m currently getting inspiration daily from this incredible Instagram account and trans-led media/news company

    • We Are Transilient: A traveling photo and interview project featuring the daily lives of trans folks

    • To Survive on This Shore: a photo and interview project of transgender and gender non-conforming older adults. It’s a beautiful project you can experience online or as a hardcover book!


We are all God’s precious children. God delights in us as we are. Nothing can separate any of us from the love of God.

See you along the Trail.

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Tomorrow, I wear purple

I will not be alone.

Millions will wear purple on Spirit Day in a stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. Observed annually since 2010, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, and public figures wear purple, which symbolizes ‘spirit’ on the rainbow flag.

Getting involved is easy: Wear purple or go purple online on October 17th and help create a world in which LGBT youth are celebrated and accepted for who they are. Learn more.

See you, in purple, along the Trail.


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