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Silent night, 24-25 December 2012

The familiar words of “Silent Night” filled the sanctuary of Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian as the 11:00 PM service drew to a close.

Outside at least six Cleveland Heights police cars, lights flashing, roared past.

It occurred to me that the world is rarely silent.

Life is messy, chaotic, confusing, and noisy. And much of that noise stems from our violation of one another and God’s creation.
Gun shots.
Drone attacks.
Land mines.
Shouts of anger.
Hate-filled rhetoric.
Screams of fear.
Clanging chains.
Machinery ripping at the earth and its resources.
A cacophony of pain and abuse and exploitation fills life’s sound track.

But it is precisely this messy, chaotic, confusing, noisy life to which God comes. In Jesus, God enters this life freely. Experiences this life fully. Embraces this life wholeheartedly. 

This un-silent life, filled with deafening days and noisy nights, matters to God. Matters so deeply that God gives us Jesus to offer another way, inviting us anew to:
accept new beginnings,
offer forgiveness,
pursue peace,
seek justice,
love kindness,
live into hope,
and walk with God.

May we do so
on silent nights
on noisy nights
on this night
on all nights.

See you along the Trail.


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Nights silent and otherwise

On nights
when silence resounds with
a deafening roar;
on nights
when the thunderous cacophony
of violence and hatred,
prejudice and discrimination,
inflicts suffering and sorrow
beyond measure and imagination;
on such nights,
on all nights,
Christ comes,
inviting us anew to
pursue peace,
seek justice,
love kindness,
live into hope,
and walk with God.

24-25 December 2011
Cleveland Heights, OH

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