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Christmas songs

Two Friars and a Fool looked at “Christmas songs that are actually good” yesterday. They tend to focus on songs used in worship services. Their lists include a shout-out to the Chieftain’s version of St. Stephen’s Day Murders.

Two Christmas songs I have to hear over and again at this season are Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon and The Rebel Jesus by Jackson Browne. They rarely appear in worship services, but each song speaks of the radical turning-of-the-world made possible in Jesus. They speak of peace and possibility, alternatives and hope, compassion and justice. Those themes emerge as we gather each year round the manger. Jesus embodies those themes in his life. He invites his followers to live into them as well. Sometimes we do.

How about you? What Christmas songs speak to you?

See you along the Trail.


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An ancient message

Walking to the office yesterday from Grand Central,

I chose to use 43rd Street

where I viewed again

an ancient message of






See you along the Trail.

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His move

It’s your move.

The words startled him;
his head jerked up,
he shifted in his seat.
For the briefest of moments, their knees touched,
bare flesh warm on bare flesh.
He quickly moved his leg away
as though he had seared it on a stove’s lit burner.

It’s your move, came the repeated words.

Their eyes locked,
one soul peering deep into another.

What happens next is up to you.

The clear invitation echoed in his head
and pierced his heart.
His breathing quickened as he pondered the words,

envisioning what might be,
sensing opportunity,
imaging possibilities of joy,
considering consequences.

He broke the gaze and looked down,
staring intently,
absorbed a whirlpool of thought,
momentarily lost in eddies of emotion.
After an eternal ninety-seven seconds,
he leaned forward and, smiling broadly,
reached out his hand and took
queen’s knight to c3.

16 September 2011
Shire on the Hudson 

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replaces if
in words written
and words said
with some facility.

replaces if
not as a certainty
nor as a guarantee,
no fait accompli.

replaces if
as a sign of hope
a challenge,
a possibility.

But when,
oh when,
will when
replace if
in reality.

16 August 2012

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