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in the night, the fire went out.
Devoid of pity, winter
invaded the room,
assaulted my body –
my thin blanket offered little resistance.
Cold chews my knuckles,
gnaws my knees.
The weak sun forces
pale shafts of light,
but no warmth,
through the dirty window.
I faintly see my breath
as I turn my head
to gaze on gray-black ash
within the fireplace.
For a moment, I ponder:
stay put, let go, give up
Then their faces rise before me
laughing, loving faces,
gone forever yet
somehow with me always.
And for their sake,
and perhaps for my own,
I stretch my painful limbs
and force myself from the bed
to shuffle stiffly across the floor,
light the fire,
begin another day,

3 December 2012
SW 208

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Sleep’s refuge

Like a clutter of spiders,
the cold crept over him,
probing old wounds,
prodding old pains.

He stirred; but half-awake
he searched the bed.
Touching nothing,
finding no one,
he remembered, shivered,
pulled the cover tighter,
and sought again
sleep’s refuge.

18 September 2012
Shire on the Hudson

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How much pain

I cannot imagine the pain
I witness from a distance
I have no first-hand experience

And yet,
as I hear the news from
the Nuba Mountains

As I know
that violence
my sisters and brothers
nearby and far away

My heart breaks – anew – tonight
my heart breaks – again – tonight
my heart breaks – still – tonight

And I wonder
how much pain
can the hearts of
individuals and communities
ripped by violence

5 August 2012
Shire on the Hudson

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Once a place of great delight

Anxiety tugs at his heart
and memories rise
as he nears the place –
memories once sweet
have now turned ashen,
burned bitter;
pain sears him,
slows him,
stops him.
He shakes his head
squeezes his eyes,
clutches his chest.

The pain remains,

Unwilling to turn away,
he deeply sighs
and moves forward,
to cross the threshold,
recognizing the pain will be
his constant companion
from that moment forward,

2 June 2012
While welcomed at Moe’s
Louisville, KY


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The pain comes

Every morning,
the pain comes.
Upon waking,
the pain comes.

Different places,
the pain comes.
Different degrees,
the pain comes.

Constant companion,
the pain comes.
Keep on going,
the pain comes.

UA 3460
17 April 2012

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Too often

Too often we hasten to speak
when we should faithfully
keep a silent watch of love.

Too often we scramble to fix
when we should tenderly
hold another’s pain in trust.

16 July to 26 November 2011
Ghost Ranch, NM
Staples Mill Amtrak Station
Richmond, VA

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A morning thought on age

As I prepare for the day,
working through pains and aches,
it occurs to me that
I am either
too young to be this old
too old to feel this young.

8 October 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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