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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 29 July 2016, part 2

The Until We Meet Again Tour involved an evening walk from the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations to New York City Center. There my son Sean joined me to see God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, a musical based on the Kurt Vonnegut novel of the same name. James Earl Jones played the role of Kilgore Trout.

During the intermission, I noted to Sean that once again I had chosen a play that might be described as non-traditional. He replied that at least this one had a somewhat linear plot. He further noted that this was the first collaboration by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken with the result that the music and lyrics were well done.


See you along the Trail.

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Excuses? Explanations?

I have fallen way behind in terms of Ghost Ranch images.

I have fallen way behind in terms of monitoring the death penalty.

I have fallen behind. There are reasons. The fact that the Steelers lost and fell out of the playoffs is not among them. At least not on a conscious level.

We hosted a two-week Doctor of Ministry class at work. The class met from 9 to 5 each day. The evening then became a time to catch up.

On Monday, I came to Louisville for a week of meetings. Evening again served as a time to do what could not be done during the meeting – well, at least some of what could not be done..

I remain so far behind that I no longer know how far behind I am. I no longer know what it would look like to not be behind.

But I got a bunch done today so I am taking some time tonight to work on the blog – at least this post. I guess you will discover tomorrow if I have added anything else.

I have thrown on the old Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movies – from when he was young. Mindless entertainment. Although now and then when I realize that James Earl Jones really is in Conan the Barbarian, I have to wonder why. The values and the acting and the plot and the dialogue does make me, what word do I want? Oh yes. Grimace. It makes me grimace from time to time. But it does help pass the time.

Hopefully I am back for a bit.

See you along the Trail.

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Travelers on the freedom road

The movie of the day was The Vernon Johns Story featuring James Earl Jones. It seemed a good choice given that tomorrow will bring an antiracism training.

Naomi Rose is who told me about this movie. I remember her call. “The Vernon Johns Story is on,” she said. “You need to watch it.”

And I did. For I had never heard of Vernon Johns – one of the forerunners of the Civil Rights Movement.

A while back, I found a copy in a Half-Price Book store.

It is a painful film about an unjust time. Yet it is a powerful film about the call to challenge injustice and a reminder of and tribute to all those who have done so through the years. That includes Naomi, my mentor and friend. Since we live in days that still know injustice, morphed and reconfigured and newly sprung injustice but injustice all the same, it is an important film as well.

With thanks for Vernon, Naomi, and all who travel the freedom road and invite us to join them – see you along the Trail.

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