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Excuses? Explanations?

I have fallen way behind in terms of Ghost Ranch images.

I have fallen way behind in terms of monitoring the death penalty.

I have fallen behind. There are reasons. The fact that the Steelers lost and fell out of the playoffs is not among them. At least not on a conscious level.

We hosted a two-week Doctor of Ministry class at work. The class met from 9 to 5 each day. The evening then became a time to catch up.

On Monday, I came to Louisville for a week of meetings. Evening again served as a time to do what could not be done during the meeting – well, at least some of what could not be done..

I remain so far behind that I no longer know how far behind I am. I no longer know what it would look like to not be behind.

But I got a bunch done today so I am taking some time tonight to work on the blog – at least this post. I guess you will discover tomorrow if I have added anything else.

I have thrown on the old Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movies – from when he was young. Mindless entertainment. Although now and then when I realize that James Earl Jones really is in Conan the Barbarian, I have to wonder why. The values and the acting and the plot and the dialogue does make me, what word do I want? Oh yes. Grimace. It makes me grimace from time to time. But it does help pass the time.

Hopefully I am back for a bit.

See you along the Trail.

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